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Monday, Sep 08, 2003

Tko Ultimate Rush

TKO Ultimate Rush
By Mike "The Shooter’s Shooter" McNeil

TKO productions launched its first show in Montreal’s Pierre-Charbonneau Centre on Sept. 6. Taking over for the now defunct UCC the card was lacking the Main event of George St. Pierre vs. Pete Spratt after Georges St. Pierre hurt his knee earlier in the week.

The event featured six preliminary bouts and seven fights on the main card so although there were some disappointments most MMA fans left very happy after a long night of Major League MMA.

Antonio Carvalho (145 lbs) made a very impressive TKO debut with a 2nd round win over Phillipe Lagace (145 lbs) via Ref stoppage.

David Guigui (145 lbs) was back and earned the Split Decision over Steve "The Snake" Claveau. Claveau looked reserved in this fight which had GuiGui turning it on and taking the fight to Claveau.

Kyle Sanford (184 lbs) improved his MMA record to 2-1-0 with a nice front head and arm choke over Aaron Tregear (185 lbs).

Jeff Joslin (169 lbs.) methodically took apart Alex Gasson getting the tap out due to strikes at 3:40 of the first round. Joslin showed great patience and technically superior ground game controlling this match.

Steve Daquette made his MMA debut against Andy Social and pounded his way to victory at 2:49 pf the first round. Social looked out matched, out weighed out muscled and out of luck from the opening bell in this one.

Dany Laflamme and Pain Peters (170 lbs) had their third match against each other and it was Laflamme who took home the Split Judges decision. This was just a continuation from their last fight where both fighters looked out of shape and it was just a contest of who would have anything left in the tank and let the judges decide. One comment from ringside though was that it should be a draw because neither deserved the win.

Cameron Brown (204 lbs.) of Gibson Pankration defeated Pascall Gosselin (205 lbs) via rear naked choke. Brown dedicated the fight to his mother who had recently passed away. It should be mentioned Gosselin did step up to replace injured Kristof Midoux.

Dave Goulet (154 lbs) and Stephane Dube (155 lbs) had a great fight that had the crowd getting into it from the opening bell. Goulet finally got the upper hand on Dube and sunk in the rear naked choke near the middle of round two.

Blake Fredrickson (155 lbs) lost a tough fight to Donald Ouimet (155 lbs) to a judge’s decision. This fight could have went either way as both fighters left it all up to the last round to really put it all on the line.

Patrick Cote (205 lbs) did his best Tito Ortiz, Genki Sudo, Roy Jones Jr. and even threw in some Bruce Lee imitations in his fight against Yan Pellerin. Cote’s antics must have riled Pellerin even before the fight as Pellerin entered the ring madder than a Kosher-Delhi waiter at closing time. In a good back and forth fight it was Cote who won over the crowd and the judges as he took home the Unanimous Decision.

Kang on top of Potvin
Kang on top of Potvin

Denis Kang (84 lbs) returned to Montreal to fight home town boy Stephan Potvin (185 lbs). Kang looked in great shape as he dismantled Potvin’s game and won handedly with a referee stoppage in the third.

Mark "The Machine" Hominick (145 lbs) retained his TKO Canadian Super lightweight belt with a convincing win over Ryan Diaz (145 lbs). After three losses in other events Hominick came back and looked very dangerous in this one. Look to see a rematch between Mark and Richard Nancoo in the near future.

Vigneault vs. Pierson
Vigneault vs. Pierson

Due to the injury to Georges St. Pierre the main event was the Canadian Middleweight Championship between Reigning champ Steve Vigneault (185 lbs.) and number one contender Sean Pierson (185 lbs). Vigneault survived a vicious first round as Pierson used every wrestling trick he knew to take out the Champ. After being slammed, pile driven, elbowed, punched, kneed and bombs dropped on every part of him Vigneault somehow started to turn things around and slowly started to come back in the second avoiding the takedowns and nullifying Pierson’s clinch. Vigneault started to pick apart Pierson and used his boxing to get his points and wear down the noticeably tired challenger. In the end it was the Champ Steve Vigneault that won on a unanimous judges’ decision.

From Pancrase:

Latest Official PANCRASE Rankings
(as of 9/5/2003)

the 10th Open-weight K.O.P. Josh Barnett(U.S.A./New Japan Pro-wrestling)
#1 Yuki Kondo(PANCRASEism)
#2 Semmy Schilt(Holland/Golden Glory)
#3 Yoshiki Takahashi(PANCRASEism)
#4 Sanae Kikuta(Pancrase GRABAKA)
#5 Kiuma Kunioku(PANCRASEism)
#6 Nathan Marquardt(U.S.A./Colorado Stars)

[Super heavyweight(221lbs. and over)]
the 1st Super heavyweight K.O.P. VACANT
#1 Semmy Schilt(Holland/Golden Glory)
#2 Tim Lajcik(U.S.A./Gladiators Training Academy)
#3 Ron Waterman(U.S.A./freelance)
#4 Hideki Tadao(RJW/CENTRAL)
#5 Jun Ishii(Chojin Club)

[Heavyweight(199lbs.~under 221lbs.)]
the 1st Heavyweight K.O.P. Yoshiki Takahashi(PANCRASEism)
#1 Tsuyoshi Ozawa(Zendokai)
#2 Katsuhisa Fujii(UFO)
#3 Jason Godsey(U.S.A./I.F. Academy)

[Light heavyweight(181lbs.~under 199lbs.)]
the 2nd Light heavyweight K.O.P. Sanae Kikuta(Pancrase GRABAKA)
#1 Yuki Kondo(PANCRASEism)
#2 Ricardo Almeida(U.S.A./Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy)
#3 Akihiro Gono(Pancrase GRABAKA)
#4 Nilson de Castro(Brazil/Chute Boxe Academy)
#5 Daisuke Watanabe(PANCRASEism)
#6 Ikuhisa Minowa(freelance)
#7 Yuki Sasaki(Pancrase GRABAKA)
#8 KEI Yamamiya(PANCRASEism)
#9 Evangelista Cyborg(Brazil/Academia Budokan)
#10 Osami Shibuya(PANCRASEism)

[Middleweight(165.7lbs.~ under 181lbs.)]
the 3rd Middleweight K.O.P. Nathan Marquardt(U.S.A./Colorado Stars)
#1 Izuru Takeuchi(SK Absolute)
#2 Crosley Gracie(Ralph Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy) *IN!
#3 Kiuma Kunioku(PANCRASEism) *down from #2
#4 Ricardo Almeida(U.S.A./Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy)
#5 Kazuo Misaki(Pancrase GRABAKA) *down from #3
#6 Chris Lytle(U.S.A./Ring Sports Palmers Gym)
*down from #4
#7 Hidehiko Hasegawa(SK Absolute) *down from #5
#8 Shonie Carter(U.S.A./AIKI Training Hall) *down from #6
#9 Kosei Kubota(PANCRASEism) *down from #7
#10 Eiji Ishikawa(Pancrase GRABAKA) *down from #8

[Welterweight(152.5lbs.~ under 165.7lbs.)]
the 1st Welterweight K.O.P. Kiuma Kunioku(PANCRASEism)
#1 Koji Oishi(PANCRASEism)
#2 Takafumi Ito(PANCRASEism)
#3 Kenichi Serizawa(RJW/CENTRAL)
#4 Hiroki Nagaoka(Rodeo Style)
#5 Satoru Kitaoka(PANCRASEism)
#6 Yuji Hoshino(Wajutsu Keishukai GODS)
#7 Takuya Wada(SK Absolute)

[Lightweight(141.4lbs.~ under 152.5lbs.)] VACANT

[Featherweight(under 141.4lbs.)] VACANT

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