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Sunday, Apr 11, 2004

To The Victor Goes The Spoils:liddell To Appear On Carson Daly’s Last Call April 13th

To The Victor Goes The Spoils:
Liddell To Appear On Carson Daly’s Last Call April 13th

By Loretta Hunt

Randy Couture putting the squeeze on Carson Daly
Couture puts the squeeze on Daly

It’s been a long time coming for UFC light-heavyweight contender Chuck "the Iceman" Liddell, who finally got his chance to deliver on a promise he made to mixed martial arts fans around the world. Knocking out former friend and training partner Tito Ortiz thirty-eight seconds into the second round of their April 2nd rumble at UFC 47, Liddell put to rest a rivalry that has slowly bubbled on the MMA burners over the last two years.

In attendance at the sold-out Mandalay Bay event was none other than Carson Daly, the popular MTV personality and host of his own late night talk show Last Call. Daly has gone out of his way to promote the UFC and the sport in the last six months, and even featured Ortiz and Liddell on an episode two weeks before the fight so the two could get in a little verbal sparring.

Now, Daly has invited Liddell back for his monumental efforts, which put him back in the running for a title shot later this year. Taped last Tuesday, April 6th in Daly’s New York City studios, a relaxed and chipper Iceman shared his thoughts on the bout and the growth of the sport, complete with clips of the now-famous straight right that collided with Ortiz’s chin and the Iceman’s confident entrance into the arena. Backstage, Liddell was also congratulated by numerous members of the Last Call staff who had tuned in to watch the historic clash of two of the sport’s most recognized characters.

A novice mixed martial arts practitioner himself, Daly has already confirmed he’ll be attending June 19th’s UFC 48, also scheduled for Las Vegas, and says he will look to incorporate more fighters onto his popular show in the near future. To catch the Iceman’s victory dance on Last Call, check your local listings for airtimes the evening of April 13th.

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