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Saturday, Nov 20, 2010

UFC 122 Review, UFC 123 Preview and Jay Hieron

On this episode of Full Contact Fighter Radio, host Jeff Meszaros and co-host James Kellaris discuss the ins and outs of UFC 122: Marquardt vs. Okami.  Was that the worst decision in the history of MMA?  Or did Marquardt badly drop the ball for the umpteenth time by easing off on the aggression in the third round, when he should have been pouring it on like nobody’s business?  Why does Marquardt seem to always lose fights to determine the next title-shot contender?  Does UFC president Dana White have a valid point when he blames Marquardt’s coaches for his losses?  What about Okami?  Does he stand a chance against Anderson Silva?  Is that the fight he’ll get?  Or will Vitor Belfort run through “The Spider” to take the UFC title and face Okami for the belt?  These are all legitimate questions, worth considering. Was the rest of the card worth watching?  Or was it just a bunch of tomato-cans lined up on a fence post to get shot down by the UFC’s golden boys?  Is that a poetic way of saying the card stunk like a skunk stuck in a muffler?  Maybe.   
But before we clarify anything, we move on to chat about the next UFC: Rampage vs. Machida, where “Rampage” Jackson and Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida face each other in a battle between street thug power-bombs and one-punch-one-kill karate.  How do the former champs stack up against one another?  Will “Rampage” be able to catch the elusive karate expert?  Or will he get both his orbital bones broken while chasing Machida around the Octagon?  Tune in and hear what we think, plus catch our opinion on BJ Penn vs. Matt Hughes and the rest of the card.  
Then, stick around for a rousing interview with Jay “The Thorobred” Hieron, who just signed with Bellator.  Don’t miss his opinion on his move to the new organization, plus hear what he has to say about Strikeforce, the IFL, Manny Pacquiao and the recent big fights in the UFC.  It’s like a flying knee into your brain, but without the unnecessary trauma.
To listen to the show head here.
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