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Monday, Feb 21, 2011

UFC 127 Preview and Rob McCullough Interview

On this episode of Full Contact Fighter Radio, host Jeff “Wombat” Meszaros and co-host James Kellaris debate the hot topics in MMA, while frequently wandering off topic to discuss questions of philosophy and existentialism.  First, it’s time to pick the winners for “UFC 127: Penn vs. Fitch” where B.J. Penn and Jon Fitch will clash to see who will be the next top-contender at welterweight.  Will Penn be able to submit or knock out Fitch?  Or will the wrestler drag the Hawaiian into a unanimous decision beating, the kind which he has trademarked while leaving a path of destruction in the 170lb division.  Should we have ended that sentence with a question mark?  Who knows?  We answer most of these questions and then move on to the co-main event where U.K. standout Micheal “The Count” Bisping takes on Jorge “El Conquistador” Rivera.  Why is this fight happening?  Does the UFC matchmaker dislike the Brit?  Does he have anything whatsoever to gain by fighting the dangerous dark horse?  Your guess is as good as ours, but our guesses are broadcast for everyone to hear.  Then we move along to chat about the rest of the card, again meandering off-topic now and then to keep things interesting. Speaking of interesting, we catch up with former WEC champion “Razor” Rob McCullough to talk about his upcoming bout in the Bellator lightweight tournament, the winner of which gets a hundred thousand dollars and a shot at champion Eddie Alvarez.  What?  Oh, yes, friends.  It’s true.  Tune in and hear all about that; plus Razor’s ideas about the difference between Muay Thai and MMA.  Oh, snap.  This podcast is hoppin’!

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