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Tuesday, Jul 03, 2012

UFC 148 Presser: Anderson Silva Tells Chael Sonnen “He’s Screwed”, Challenger Offers “No Apologies”

By FCF Staff

As most people expected, today’s UFC 148 pre-fight, press conference in Las Vegas had plenty of memorable quotes, as well as a heated faceoff between middleweight champion Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen.

In keeping with the vitriolic rhetoric that has accompanied the fight’s coverage heading into the July 7th rematch, both Silva and the outspoken Sonnen were quick to promise the other man a beating Saturday night.

At the conclusion of the event, Silva immediately got in the face of Sonnen as the two were set to pose for pictures, forcing UFC President Dana White and several other people to intervene.

On Saturday, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Silva and Sonnen will fight for the first time since August, 2010, when the champion submitted Sonnen with a fifth round, triangle-choke.

Here were some of the highlight’s from today’s press conference.

When asked why he agreed to fight Sonnen again, Silva said that although he has his own opinions, “I’m here to fight whoever is put in front of me.”

After being asked if he’s gone too far with any of his pre-fight comments, Sonnen stated that he offers no apologies, before going into a rehearsed speech worthy of pro-wrestling.  The accomplished fighter has been accused by Silva’s camp and some critics, of making comments that were disrespectful to Brazil and Silva’s wife.

Silva said “playtime is over” and that “a lot of things are going to change” after Saturday.

Sonnen warned that the “funeral” for Silva’s career will take place at UFC 148.

When asked if Sonnen has rescinded his offer to leave the UFC, provided he loses this week’s rematch, the fighter confirmed that it had been. According to Sonnen, Silva never agreed to the offer.

Silva said “of course there is”, when asked if there’s a way to focus on Saturday’s fight and not let his emotions affect his performance.

Silva said “it’s impossible” that Sonnen will be able to compete with him standing.

Sonnen once again accused Silva of being able to speak better English than he lets on, before stating that the fighter lives in “Beverly Hills” and not Brazil.

Sonnen acknowledged that Silva is a “durable fighter” who has “done a good job as champion”, but that he believes he is the best fighter in the world.

When asked if he may be too emotional for this fight, which could affect his gameplan, Silva responded by saying “nope.”

Sonnen again stated that his pre-fight comments aren’t about “gamesmanship” and that the “real” Silva showed up at a recent pre-fight teleconference, when he told the contender that he would “break his face.””

Silva was asked why he was so angry during the aforementioned teleconference, and responded through his interpreter by saying “I have nothing else to say” other than “he’s screwed.”

The champion acknowledged that he doesn’t believe Sonnen deserves a rematch but added he’ll “beat his ass ten more times.”

Sonnen questioned why it took Silva two years to agree to a rematch if he’s been so upset by comments he’s made.

Silva fired away at the challenger by stating “Sonnen has tested positive for steroids, he’s been charged with a crime, so how can anyone take him serious?”

Silva also added that “you Americans can’t forget what he said about Lance Armstrong”, citing Sonnen’s testosterone-replacement-therapy and the fighter’s reported criticisms of the cyclist.

Sonnen responded by saying that the treatment is necessary for his survival and that process is regulated and transparent.

When asked for his prediction on the fight, Silva relayed that “I believe it will end in the first round.”

Sonnen stated that the “Chael of today” could defeat the fighter he was two years ago, who “stomped this bum.”


Saturday’s main card will be available via pay-per-view.






posted by FCF Staff @ 3:20 pm
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