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Sunday, Jan 04, 2015

UFC 182’s Jon Jones Isn’t Ready to Forgive and Forget: “I Hope He’s Somewhere Crying”


By Kelsey Mowatt

MMA fans are well accustomed to seeing ‘bitter rivals’ end their feud, once they’ve swapped punches and kicks, but it appears as though Jon Jones isn’t ready to do the same with Daniel Cormier.

Although Jones extended his storied reign as light-heavyweight champion at UFC 182, by outscoring Cormier for the unanimous decision win, “Bones” evidently hasn’t changed his mind about “DC”.

Immediately following the memorable bout, Jones repeated that he doesn’t like Cormier, and while speaking to FOX Sport 1, he stated:

“I don’t like Daniel Cormier. I don’t respect Daniel Cormier. I hope he’s somewhere crying right now. I’m sure he is. I can’t wait until he earns his way back to the title, so I can whop him again.”

It would seem as though any suspicions that the Jones-Cormier beef was fabricated, in an effort to move pay-per-views, were incorrect…

While it remains to be seen whether Jones’ comments affect his fanbase, one would think his performance on Saturday will silence many of his doubters. Cormier was heiled by many as the champion’s greatest threat to date, and while the decorated wrestler pushed Jones in several rounds, ultimately he withered undered his foe’s diversified attack.

Jones used a wide array of kicks throughout the fight. Later on, the renowned fighter punished Cormier from the clinch, and took the former Olympic wrestler down a couple of times. Many believed that Cormier would be the one who would come out ahead in short range exchanges and of course, the wrestling department. That turned out not to be the case.

“It was an audible,” Jones told FOX Sports 1, while discussing his decision to close the distance on Cormier and fight from the clinch. “I watched him so many times, in my subconscious, his skillset becomes comfortable. I started to Cormier Cormier. He held Frank Mir against the cage. He’s my dear friend. I did that to Cormier. I out-grinded him. I wanted to prove to him he wasn’t the king of the grind.”

“Leading up to this fight, I knew it’d be an Ali – Frazier fight,” Jones noted, while sharing his expectations for the fight. “I knew I could beat him in the cardio department. I accepted him expending his energy. In the championship rounds he started to break.”

Now it remains to be seen who Jones will face next. Alexander Gustafsson, who Jones acknowledged last night was the “toughest” fight of his career, will battle Anthony Johnson on January 24th. If Jones can score yet another, impressive win over either of those men, then the list of viable contenders for the champ could in fact be nameless.

posted by FCF Staff @ 11:23 am
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