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Sunday, Mar 01, 2015

UFC 184: Ronda Rousey Tells Cat Zingano She’d be “Happy to do This Again”

Rousey (photo via Glendale News Press.com)

By FCF Staff

Even Ronda Rousey’s biggest supporters couldn’t have predicted what went down last night at UFC 184, as the bantamweight champ tapped out challenger Cat Zingano in just 14 seconds.

Although Zingano was a sizeable underdog on the betting lines, many believed that the challenger’s power, size and well rounded skill set would pose some difficulties for Rousey. But, since the fight ended so abruptly, fans didn’t really get to see how the match-up might unfold, at least through several minutes…

Zingao was clearly and understandably very upset about what transpired, and when Rousey was asked by FOX Sports 1 if she felt bad for the challenger, the champ relayed (quote via FOX Sports 1 press release):

“Yeah, I sat down in front of her afterwards and said ‘I’m happy to do this again sometime.’ It’s hard to feel like you really tested yourself when something like that happens. I think it’d be very different the next time, like when me and Miesha Tate fought again.”

The fight quickly went to the floor, after Zingano rushed out, threw a knee, and then attempted to throw Rousey to the mat. The highly decorated, Judoka, however, wound up on top, and quickly moved into the fight ending armbar.

“I could see why she wanted to do that,” Rousey said to FOX Sport 1, while discussing Zingano’s strategy of rushing in. “So many people have said she’s a slow starter. When we were falling, she fell into me. I went into judo mode and didn’t want to let my back touch the ground and it helped the transition. It put me in a great position. I’ve never done that kind of armbar before. I did practice it, but just not like that. I practiced it face up, not face down like that.”

With the victory, Rousey has spent a total of 30 seconds in the Octagon to record her last two, title defenses. Last July, “Rowdy” threw Alexis Davis to the mat and finished her with strikes in just 16 seconds. When asked if she’d prefer some more ‘ring’ time, the 28 year-old champion stated:

“Not really. I like the quick fights. The longer the matches are, the shorter my career will be. I like them being short because I want to do this as long as possible.”

Rousey has now won five straight fights since she arrived in the UFC in 2013. Her overall record now stands at 11-0.

UFC 184 was hosted by the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

posted by FCF Staff @ 10:41 am
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