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Wednesday, Mar 15, 2017

UFC 210: Can It Deliver a Knock-Out Blow?

If you cast your mind back to each pay-per-view (PPV) event that has taken place as part of the WME-IMG era, you will recall a series of unmitigated disasters. UFC 209 was no exception to this rule, as lightweight contender Khabib Nurmagomedov withdrew from the event with barely any notice after failing to make the requisite weight.

While Connor McGregor may put at least some of these failures down to his absence, of course, fans are hopeful that UFC 210 can buck the recent PPV trend. This will largely depend on the hotly-anticipated rematch between Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson at light heavyweight, which will see a classic clash of styles that is inherent to mixed martial arts.

Cormier, Johnson, and the Undercard: Will UFC 210 Prove to Be a Hit?

Back 2015, it was the talented grappler Cormier who came out on top, suffocating the heavy-hitting Johnson before forcing his submission. This proved to a victory for tactics and technique over brute force, but the close and fascinatingly-poised nature of the first contest means that the rematch is likely to follow suit.

In short, Cormier (18-1) remains a narrow favourite to come out on top, a good opportunity to use some of the free bets at bigfreebet.com on the defending champion. After all, he has already proven his prowess and ability to absorb Johnson’s undoubted power, while he was able to wear down his rival during their first fight 18 months ago. Despite this, Johnson (22-5) has delivered some of the most devastating knock-outs in UFC history, and just a single, well-timed blow would be enough to land him an early win.

This contrast is what makes the fight so appealing, but the respective records of the two fighters highlight the exact challenge facing Johnson. Not only must he become only the second man to beat Cormier, for example, but he must also find a way of disarming one of the finest and most technically gifted grapplers in the entire sport.

What About The Undercard?

The main event is just part of a UFC PPV event, of course, so it is also important that the undercard plays its role in delivering a spectacle. The clash between Will Brooks and Charles Oliveira offers a relevant case in point, as both fighters are supremely talented lightweights who are capable of headlining in their own right. The fact that both fighters lost their last contests also adds a sense of urgency and desperation to proceedings, and while Brooks remains a narrow favourite, he will be pushed hard by a determined and often underrated Oliveira.

Another interesting clash will take place between Kamaru Usman and Sean Strickland, who are firmly established as excellent prospects in the welterweight division. This is a contest that has been in the making for some time, while those in the know are claiming that it might well steal the show and save the UFC from yet another PPV disaster. The winner can certainly hope to step up and become a headliner in their own right, although the fact that neither fighter has competed at such a high level may be a concern for some.

Our Verdict: Why UFC 210 May Buck the Trend of Recent PPV Events

While Cromier and Johnson may a genuine headline act, the fight is likely to be technical in its nature and may not deliver the kind of explosive spectacle that some fans crave. Despite this, the contest should be enjoyable for purists, while the understated quality of the undercard also suggests that UFC 210 may yet buck the worrying trend of recent PPV events. Whether it can deliver a knock-out blow has yet to be seen, but it should at least represent an improvement on the recent events held under the association’s banner.

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