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Friday, Aug 11, 2017

UFC 215 Predictions & What’s Next for “Mighty Mouse”

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson returns to the Octagon at UFC 215 on Saturday, September 9th vs. Ray Borg. “The Tazmexican Devil”, (11-2) called for a title shot after his decision over Jussier “Formiga” and the UFC matchmakers listened.

Mighty Mouse’ defeated Joeseph Benavidez to become the flyweight champion back in 2012 and has since successfully defended his title ten times. UFC 215 could be history in the making with Johnson breaking Anderson Silvas record with 11 straight title defenses.

Demetrious Johnson may be the most complete fighter the UFC has ever seen, but Borg who is also very well rounded, should match-up well against the reigning champ.

“You know … my last opponent I fought, Wilson Reis, he was a specialist on the ground. So, sometimes when you fight guys who are just specialist, you can focus on just one area. When you fight someone like Ray Borg, you have to focus everywhere. He has a tenacity to him where he just keeps going and going and going. He seems to be in great shape”  – Johnson

He also went on to say [in an interview with UFC Tonight] that having gone 10 rounds with the exact same guys from the same camp, they [Borg’s camp] probably have a blue print on him, so he is not going to take Ray Borg lightly.

Physically speaking the two fighters also match-up well. What Borg gives up with his 3-inch shorter reach, he takes back with a 2-inch leg reach and 1-inch height advantage. Both weight in at 125 and only have an inch of height separating them. Borg is likely the stronger of the two, while Johnson is definitively faster. His significant strikes landed per minute is nearly triple that of the Tazmexican Devil.

Method of Victory

The Tazmexican Devil has a 9% KO/TKO rate, 55% submission Rate and 36% decision rate.

Meanwhile, Mighty Mouse is a more effective striker, clipping at 19% KO/TKO rate, 38% submission Rate and 42% decision rate.

Johnson loves to take advantage of openings left by his opponents with devastating counter strikes. And he always comes into the Octagon clear, focused and with a solid game-plan. This could play against a tenacious fighter like Borg, who in in Mighty Mouse’s own words, keeps coming and coming and coming. One has to think that Ray Borg will over pursue at some point and end up eating a couple of those brutal counters we just mentioned.

Inventiveness Wins Out

This should be an interesting and entertaining battle, but as the fight wears on, Johnson’s crafty, natural ability should take over. He creates opportunities from too many angles and when you couple that with his quick hand and foot speed … well you know the answer. We’ve seen it before … about 10 or 11 times since 2012.

It seems like Las Vegas and offshore books agree with this assessment. They have installed Demetrious Johnson as a -900 favorite. This means they are so confident that Johnson will win, you have to bet 9 dollars just to win 1.

You can see there is not much value with odds so lopsided, but If you’re looking to place some action on the fight review the odds at Bookmaker and look more towards the total number of rounds odds. Currently, the fight to not go the distance is at even money. I do not see Borg winning by decision against the defending champ. He either gets lucky and catches Demetrious Johnson fairly early, or he presses his luck and walks into a big head kick or heavy combo that facilitates the end of the fight.

UFC 215 Prediction: Under 4.5 Rounds (Fight Not to Go Distance)

So, what’s next for Johnson if he successfully defends his title yet again? There is really only one place he can go, it doesn’t make absolute sense from a logistical stand-point, but it is what fans want to see … T.J. Dillashaw.


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