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Tuesday, Jun 12, 2001

Ufc 32 Fight Card Change

UFC 32 Fight Card Change
Baroni/Jackson Cancelled Due to Injuries

      Due to injuries to both fighters, the Eugene Jackson (separated rib) Vs. Phil Baroni (separated shoulder) match has been cancelled.
      There will now be two preliminary fights and six main card fights at UFC 32 Showdown In The Meadowlands.

Joe Silva
Vice President of Talent Relations

From the event’s promoter:

Hughes-Bills Bout Headlines
Extreme Challenge 40

      SPRINGFIELD, Ill — Sometime this month, Matt Hughes is expecting to get word from Japanese officials at Pride that he will soon be competing in their mega-events.
      In the meantime, the UFC, WEF and RINGS veteran is staying in fighting shape, making sure he is ready to go when the call comes. On Saturday, Hughes will face Scott Bills in the feature bout at Extreme Challenge 40.
Matt Hughes
      "I’m not taking this fight lightly… at this level, you do that and you lose," Hughes said. "Bills is a tough guy… he’s gone the distance with Sean Sherk and has fought some quality opponents. And he trains with great fighters. I expect a tough fight and have been training hard for it."
      Hughes, who is from nearby Hillsboro, Ill., trains out of the Miletich Martial Arts Center and at one time was considered by many to be the best 170-pound fighter in the world. Back-to-back losses to Dennis Hallman (UFC) and Pele Landi (Kuwait) have slowed his career some, but he is still ranked in the top 5 in most polls.
      Bills trains with Team Rival and works out with Din Thomas and Paul Rodriguez, two accomplished fighters who will be making their UFC debuts this month. Bills is no stranger to the Extreme Challenge and two years ago went the distance with Sherk (a UFC and KOTC vet with a 17-0 record) in EX 28 in Utah.
      Since the two losses, Hughes has put together five straight wins in other events, including RINGS USA, to bring his overall mark to 27-3. His resume includes wins over Dave Menne, LaVerne Clark, Chris Haseman, Alexander Barros, Marcello Aguilar, Jorge Perriera and Val Ignatov.
      Extreme Challenge 40 will be held at the Multi-Pupose Facility at the State Fairgrounds in Springfield, Ill. Gates will open at 5 p.m. and the first bout will start at 6 p.m.


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