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Friday, Sep 14, 2001

Ufc 33 Trivia Contest

From Josh Hedges – jhedges@ufc.tv:

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UFC 33 Trivia Contest

Check out the new Ultimate Fan trivia contest at http://www.ufconppv.com/. The winner of the contest will receive win a trip to UFC 34.

From Gracie Camp:

Renzo Gracie Special Camp in November
BJJ and MMA superstar will be teaching in Rio

Renzo Gracie
From November 10th till 17th Renzo Gracie himself will be conducting a special training camp at GRACIE CAMP, in Rio de Janeiro. And what’s best: you don’t have to worry about lodging, food or transportation while in Rio. The camp staff takes care of you!

Don’t miss the opportunity to spend an entire week learning the freshest BJJ and MMA techniques from one of its most respected masters.

For more information on GRACIE CAMP and how to enroll online, log on to www.graciecamp.com/eng

"I can hardly wait to get down to Rio after my Pride 17 fight to teach in the same place where I learned from my family"
Renzo Gracie

FCF Caption Contest Winner
Caption it

Last week we asked you all to come up with a witty caption for the above photo, Brian Woodrow of South Orange, NJ – USA submitted the winning entry…

Head Gear $40, Tattoo $75, Brand New Fc Fighter shorts $34.95, Having your teeth rearanged by a real full contact fighter, Priceless!

Here are a few other entries worth of an honorable mention…

  • Due to the popularity of the UFC, even the British are training!
    Michael A. Palacay
    Honolulu, Hawaii – USA
  • Dave Menne auditions for ‘Deliverance 2: Moonshine Glory’.
    Jamal Alsaqer
    Rotterdam, Holland
  • No biting, no eye gouging, no fish hooking & no grinning!
    Jay Gaston
    Liverpool, England
  • Two-Time Kentucky boxing champion Dave "The Muskrat" Menne
    Aaron Fletcher
    Concord, CA – USA
  • I came, I saw, I INBRED!
    Aaron Allison
    Haines City, FL – USA
  • Employees at the nuclear testing facility were delighted learn of the MMA gym that had been added to the building.
    Joshua Campbell
    Suffolk, VA – USA
  • Hey baby…how YOU doin’?
    Carlo Lamagna
    Eastpointe, Michigan – USA
  • Dave Menne was forced to drop out of his title fight for an emergency dental appointment.
    Brooks Lacy
    Richmond, VA – USA

Brian wins 1 FCF Flame T-shirt & 1 FCF War T-shirt.
Flame and War shirts

From the event’s promoter:

Super Brawl Trials September 25

      With the recent tragedy in NYC and Washington D.C., many sporting events are being postponed or cancelled. The September 25 event at Gussie L’Mours will proceed as scheduled. "We have spent the last days glued to CNN and mourning the victims of this despicable act." says T.Jay Thompson "Although,in the last couple of days, things at the office have come to a stand-still, we will go on with the show"
      Thompson, promoter of the successful Super Brawl series of events, will however drastically drop the price of tickets for this event. All tickets will cost just $5. Including ringside. "We hope the fans will take this opportunity to do something more important with there money, donate to the September 11 relief fund." Thompson said.
      There is still a need for fighters for this event. Interested fighters can contact T.Jay Thompson at 808.524.6062 or e-mail superbrawl@hawaii.rr.com. Standout fighters will be invited to compete in future professional Super Brawl events.
      As well as the amateur fights there will be special "tag-team" submission wrestling matches. Professional and amateur fighters are welcome. Three teams have already signed up, Falaniko Vitale and Anthony Torres, John Crisostomo and Abe Rodrigues as well as Super Brawl promoter T.Jay Thompson and Super Brawl referee and World Champion Armwrestler, Steve English will also be competing. Any two-man team will be welcome. Contact T.Jay for information.
      A professional bout will also be announced in the coming week as well as the possibility of muay-thai kickboxing matches.
      Tickets are expected to go fast with seating capacity of under 500. For ticket information contact Gussie L’Mours at 836-7883.

From the event’s promoter:

Jiu-jitsu Visionaries Charles and Ralph Gracie Join Forces to Unveil The United Gracie Tournament Sept. 22-23 2001

      San Francisco, CA, Sept 10th, 2001- World renowned Gracie jiu-jitsu legends Charles and Ralph Gracie are proud to announce that they have come together to put on the United Gracie Tournament. This event will take place September 22-23, 2001 at San Francisco State University.
      "The United Gracie Tournament is more than just another jiu-jitsu event," says Ralph. "The United Gracie Tournament will be an unprecedented jiu-jitsu event for several reasons. Not only will we have the world’s finest men and women jiu-jitsu practitioners competing under one roof, we’ll have a fantastic contest of children jiu-jitsu students! It is important to us that we attract more young people to the event. We feel strongly that this art can help give children a higher level of mental and physical confidence and inner peace."
      "It is also the greater goal of my brother Ralph and I to consolidate the jiu-jitsu community here in the U.S." says Charles. "United Gracie will host a closed-door conference of Black Belts at an as yet undetermined location. The plan is to see how we as leaders of the jiu-jitsu community in the United States, can work together to create new standards for our students, academies and ourselves to better service those who seek to learn the art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. United Gracie is more than a name. It’s a philosophy of communion that we hope to share with those genuinely dedicated to enriching the state of jiu-jitsu. All jiu-jitsu schools are encouraged to participate."
      To date, the academies of Royce Gracie, Rickson Gracie, Renzo Gracie, Fabio Santos, Claudio Franca as well as many jiu jitsu schools from Brazil and across the country have already signed up. See you there!
United Gracie Contact: Charles Gracie charles@charlesgracie.com
PR Coordinator: Adisa Banjoko adisa@shinkenpr.com
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