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Thursday, Jul 11, 2002

Ufc 38 Hops The Pond

Carlos Newton vs. Matt Hughes
UFC 38 Hops The Pond
Successful Weigh-ins Kick off London, England Show
By Loretta Hunt

Welcome to London, England, home of… Narrow streets. Cars from every direction. The (non-air conditioned) Tube. Rude natives. Jet lag. Questionable food. These maladies are but a small price to pay for those lucky enough to be a part of history tomorrow night, as the Ultimate Fighting Championship makes its European debut at the equally monumental Royal Albert Hall. However, it is evident that this final preparatory week leading up to the show has been especially taxing for all involved. With signs of jet lag running rampant among the fighters, their entourages, Zuffa’s staff (the parent company to the UFC) and even with the press sent over to cover the event, never has sleep been such a precious commodity. Also scarce among all the action of this last week is Internet access, leading to delays for Zuffa and slowed media coverage back to the States. However, with an impressive sense of organization, Zuffa seems to have been able to overcome each hurdle placed in its way (and the press is learning to share one working cable modem).

Oddities aside, the official UFC weigh-ins are always a pleasure to observe, as it is the first time that the entire card is assembled in one room. Opponents are finally brought together, some for the very first time, before they will square off in the famed Octagon. This weigh-in session being no different and with local organization BAMMA (British Association of Mixed Martial Arts) overseeing the proceedings, personnel worked feverishly to get all sixteen athletes’ medical and weight requirements fulfilled. With the weights being announced in the native measurement of kilograms, the standing room only audience waited anxiously as stage-side officials made the quick conversions to pounds.

First to make their way to the stage were Carlos Newton and Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes, who will battle it out for a second time for the title. Peppy and outspoken as usual, Newton weighed in at 168 pounds. Next, Hughes mounted the scale only to be informed that he was over by .6 kilograms or approximately 2 pounds. This being a title fight, and under BAMMA’s recommendation, Hughes would have a second chance to make the requirement. With four hours to shed the "extra" weight, he left the room noticeably assured (if not slightly annoyed) that he would be able to make the adjustment.

The heavyweights were next. Las Vegas native and rising star for the UFC organization, 6’2" Frank Mir tipped the scales at 237 pounds. With a little extra verbal support from the local crowd, three-time UFC veteran Ian Freeman weighed in at 220 pounds.

Sudo vs. Remedios
Both making their premieres tomorrow night in the Octagon, "the Neon Samurai" Genki Sudo and number one ranked UK lightweight Leigh Remedios both hit the 154-pound mark. The 25-year-old Remedios, looking all of eighteen, sported a wild blond-dyed hairdo, while Sudo seemed to display a less "chilly" demeanor that was evident in the UFC’s last Japanese entry Hayato Sakurai.

Welterweight Tony DeSouza, whose last UFC fight was at UFC 33 back in September, made his return today at 170.5 pounds. Meanwhile, opponent Gil Castillo, calculated out to 172 pounds, and both men were slightly over the required number. However, this being a non-title fight and with both competitors’ consent, the match-up was approved a "go."

Elvis and Amber
Exhibiting a vibrant new hairstyle of his native land’s gold and green flag colors, Australian Elvis Sinosic easily made his required weight by coming in at 201 pounds. Brazilian opposition Renato "Babalu" Sobral, reserved yet determined looking, was an on-target 203 pounds.

Six-time UFC veteran Eugene "The Wolf" Jackson hopped onto the scales at 184.5 pounds, while first-time participant and top UK middleweight contender Mark Weir logged in at 181.5 pounds. Posing together afterwards for the press, the 6’2" Weir had a considerable height distinction over the 5’9" Jackson. However, Jackson seemed undaunted and even opted to hug and pose with his taller opponent following their "stare-down."

Next, Team Quest member Evan Tanner stepped onto the scale at a perfect 205 pounds. Australian Chris Haseman, a last-minute replacement for the injured Vladimir Matyushenko, came in at 203 pounds to make this light-heavyweight bout official.

Mark Weir vs. Eugene Jackson
The last match-up announced to the card was ironically the last to weigh-in this Friday afternoon. UFC newcomers James Zikic and Phillip Miller both approached the stage to record in their weights. Hometown favorite Zikic came in at 201 pounds, while Californian dynamo Miller was a little less at 198 pounds.

Matt Hughes took his second trip to the scale that day to make his requirement missed earlier. Confidently quipping to the swarming press that there was "no news here — he’d make weight" Hughes was again scrutinized by the awkward white contraption and the officials. With some confusion in converting the English measurement to pounds, Hughes elected to shed his "skivvies," and with a satisfactory 169.4 pounds recorded in the books, the main event was on.

Hughes weighs in
Following a brief intermission in which the fighters got a brief bite to eat in an adjoining room, head referee "Big" John McCarthy took tomorrow night’s competitors through the rules of the event. Under BAMMA’s jurisdiction, the rules would be identical to those utilized by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, translating out to hopefully few surprises tomorrow night. Nonetheless, with six athletes making their debut, the rules meeting was handled slowly and intricately by the more than capable McCarthy, who stopped to field various questions from "newbies" and "vets" alike. Adjourned for the day, the fighters and their camps quickly vacated to make their final preparations and most likely, to get in a few more "zzzz’s" before the big night. UFC 38 in London, England is full speed ahead.

From the event’s promoter:

Mr. International makes for a Last Minute Addition to SuperBrawl XXV

Shonie Carter


Kolo Koka

Mr. International, Shonie Carter, will make his return to the SuperBrawl ring this weekend to face off against Grappling Unlimited’s Kolo Koka. Koka has stopped everyone that has been put in front of him, but he’s never seen the caliber of the self-proclaimed ‘Playa with a Passport.’

Carter has fought in the Pancrase organization in Japan, is a 4-time UFC veteran and has wins over former UFC middleweight champ Dave Menne and UFC lightweight contender Matt Serra.

While Koka has been getting his knocks in on a regular basis, Carter hasn’t made an MMA appearance since a loss to Pat Militech in June of 2001.

Will ‘ring rust’ be a factor for Shonie or will he put this young gun in his place?

From the event’s promoter:

SuperBrawl XXV Card Finalized
Ten total fights!

SuperBrawl XXV goes down Saturday, July 13 at the Blaisdell Arena. Tickets for SuperBrawl 25 are on sale now at the Blaisdell Center box office, all Tickets Plus outlets or online.

Martijn de Jong 182.6lbs
(Golden Glory, Holland) 14-4


Egan Inoue 182.6lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) SuperBrawl Champion 13-3

Hometown favorite and Shooto 7th Ranked Egan Inoue will square off against Shooto 4th Ranked Martijn de Jong from Holland. De Jong, a.k.a. The Specialist, fights out of Amsterdam’s prestigious Golden Glory gym and boasts a 14-4-2 Mixed Martial Arts record, with all 14 wins coming by KO or submission.

Kimikito Nonaka 132lbs
(Purebred Omiya, Japan)


Jose Lopez 132lbs
(Shark Tank, CA) SuperBrawl #3 Ranked 1-0-1

Nonaka is an aggressive fighter coming down in weight for this fight. He has had mixed success at 143lbs and looks to use his strength at this lighter weight. "The Outlaw" may have something to say about it. Lopez, with perhaps the best hands in the business, and a KO victory over Lincoln Tyler, will look to punch his way to the top of the lightweight SuperBrawl rankings. Nonaka 3-2, favorite.

Jin Kazeta 143lbs
(Nigata, Japan) 2-0-1


Eddie Yagin 143lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) SuperBrawl #3 Ranked 6-0

What else can you expect from a Japanese shooter than and ultra-exciting well-rounded game? In addition, Kazeta is also a former Kickboxing champion. Yagin has shown punching and kicking talent himself. He is on a seemingly unstoppable roll. Will he be the first local fighter to notch up a win against a Japanese shooter in quite some time? Pick-em, Even Odds

Jason Bress 143lbs
(Sean McCully, LA) 9-3


Baret Yoshida 143lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) SuperBrawl #5 Ranked 4-3-1

Bress is a quality opponent who favors the striking game (4-0 in Kickboxing). Yoshida is world renowned for his submission game. The few who have had success against Yoshida, strike from inside guard while avoiding his lethal submissions. Yoshida 3-2 favorite

Brennan Kamaka 160lbs
(Gamebred) 1-6


Jay R. Palmer 160lbs.
(Freelance) 20-17

This will be fun! Two game fighters who have not seen a ‘W’ in quite some time. Brennan is a former State Champion wrestler with good hands and Jay R. is an unorthodox brawler. Neither fighter is big on submissions. This fight will be won or lost with striking. Pick-em, Even Odds.

Ian Nelms 167.5lbs
(Shark Tank) 0-0


Brandon Wolff 167.5lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) 1-0

This is a Great match-up of young talent. Nelms, a Division I wrestler and as with all Shark Tank fighters, will arrive in great shape and be well rounded. Wolf may have a slight advantage in striking but Nelms will try to negate that with his strong grappling skills. Pick-em, Even Odds

Nick Bradley 198lbs
(Shark Tank)
SuperBrawl #5 Ranked

Kaipo Miller 198lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) 0-0

Bradley is coming off an impressive victory in SuperBrawl 23. A collegiate level wrestler who likes to push the action. Miller will try to weather the storm and find a submission from the bottom. Bradley 3-2 Favorite.

Joey Jordan 143lbs
(808 Fight Factory) 0-0


Justin Mercado 143lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) 0-1

Look for an aggressive fight from both these young fighters. Mercado is coming of a tough, decision loss to Jordan’s teammate and will look for revenge. Pick-em, Even Odds.

William Armstrong 135lbs
(808 Fight Factory)0-0


Will Hagerty 135lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) 0-0

Two young lightweights with wrestling backgrounds. Armstrong may have the edge in striking while Hagerty will have the edge in submissions. Pick-em, Even Odds.

Deshaun Johnson 167.5lbs
(HMC Pankration) 2-2


Justin Karr 167.5lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) 0-0

Johnson is a tough as nails striker who is working diligently on his ground game. Karr is ultra-aggressive and will keep coming forward. Should be interesting to see who breaks first. Pick-em Even Odds

SuperBrawl XXV goes down Saturday, July 13 at the Blaisdell Arena. Tickets for SuperBrawl 25 are on sale now at the Blaisdell Center box office, all Tickets Plus outlets or online.

From Koichi "Booker K&quot ;Kawasaki:

K-1 WORLD GP2002 in Fukuoka July 14th

K-1 announced all match up of "K-1 World GP 2002 in Fukuoka" on June 14th as follows.

Tra Telligman out, Martin Holm in.

DATE: July 14th, 2002 (Sunday)
OPEN: 13:30 PM START 15:00 PM
PLACE: Marine Messe Fukuoka (Fukuoka pref, JAPAN)

6th Match:
Ray Sefo (American Present Boxing Gym, New Zealand) vs. Gilbert Yvel (Golden Glory, Holland)

5th Match:
Peter Aerts (Mejiro Gym, Holland) vs. Alexey Ignashov (Chinuk Gym,Belarus)

4th Match:
Mirko Cro Cop (Cro Cop Squad Gym, Croatia) vs. Remy Bonjasky (Mejiro Gym, Holland)

3rd Match:
Musashi (Seido Kaikan,Japan) vs. Jossie Dempsey (ZERO-ONE & La Boxing ,USA)

2nd Match:
Glaube Feitosa (Kyokushin Kaikan, Brazil) vs. Martin Holm (Vallentuna Boxing Camp ,Sweden)

1st Match:
Cyril Abidi (Challenge Boxing,France) vs. Qinonton"Rampage" Jackson (Team Punishment,USA)

Opening fight

2nd Match:
Nobu Hayashi (Dojo Chakuriki, Japan) vs. Masaaki Miyamoto (Seido Kaikan,Japan)

1st Match:
Yusuke Fujimoto (Monster Factory, Japan) vs. Ryo Takigawa (Nisshinn Kaikan, Japan)

From Koichi "Booker K&quot ;Kawasaki:

NEXT Result

2002.07.07 sun Yokohama Akarenga
OPEN 15:30 START 17:00

CONTENDERS 5 min 2 rounds rule

1st Match-65 kg
Masakazu Imanari (Team Roken) vs. Hideo Tokoro (POD)
Imanari def Tokoro by decision (40-38)

2nd Match-77 kg
Satoru Kitaoka (Pancrase ism) vs. Hiroyuki Kojima (Free)
Kojima def Kitaoka by decision (39-38)

3rd Match-68 kg
Koji Komuro (RJJ) vs. Takumi Yano (Ugo kai)
Komuro def Yano by Choke(Sodeguruma) , 1R 1’11

4th Match-70 kg
Eiki Kadowaki (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) vs. Naoyuki Kotani (Rodeo Style)
Kadowaki def Katani by Choke , 2R 2’33

5th Match-90 kg
KEI Yamamiya (Pancrase ism) vs. Masutatsu Yano (RJW/Central)
Yamamiya def Yano by decision (40-39)

6th Match-68 kg
Katsuya Toida (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) vs. Koichi Kuwabara (Tokyo Yellowmans)
Toida def Kuwabara by ankle hold 2R 3’14

CONTENDERS DOUBLES (15min a match in which the two to submitted is the winner)

7th Match
Mitsuyoshi Sato (Pancrase GRABAKA) and Yuki Sasaki (Pancrase
Caol Uno (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) and Eiji Mitsuoka (RJW/central)

This fight was draw

From Koichi "Booker K&quot ;Kawasaki:

Additional Match Announced for

DSE has announced additional match up of "MMA THE BEST Vol.2" on July 20th as follows.

Takahiro Oba (AO/DC) vs Fatih "Turkish Terror" Kocamis (Golden

Already announced Official Line Up:

Daiju Takase (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) vs Nino "Elvis" Schembri (Gracie Barra)

Koh Soukun (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) vs Bob "Terrible" Schreiber

Giant Ochiai (Monster Kingdom) vs Tomohiko Hashimoto(DDT pro wrestling)

From Koichi "Booker K&quot ;Kawasaki:

SHOOT BOXING "S-cup" Results

July 7th 2002 , Yokohama Culture Gymnasium (Kanagawa, Japan) open: 3:00PM; fights start: 4:00PM


1st Match: Satoko Shinashi(AACC) vs. Kinue Yoshizumi(GGG)

Result: draw 1-0 (20-19,20-20,20,20)


2nd Match: YU IKEDA(Shonan GYM) vs. Nathan Corbett(Australia)

Result: Corbett def IKEDA 2R 1’07 KO


3rd Match: Daniel Dawson (Team ISS,Austria) vs. Ryuji Goto
WMTA World S-welter Camp SB Middle weight 1st

Result: Dawson def Goto 2R 1’07 KO

4th Match: Jhon Igo (Chainese U-shu Assosiation,Chaina) vs. Yuriy
Gudyma (Team Vovchanchyn)
San-shu World Cham Draka

Result: Igo def Gudyma 2R 1’08 TKO (referee stop)

5th Match: Manoer Fonceca (Chute Boxe,Brazil) vs. Andy Souwer
(Ling-Ho Gym, Holland)
Brasil Storm Muay Thai Champ WKA World S-welter

Result: Souwer def Fonceca 2R 2’58 KO (2 knock down)

6th Match: Hiroyuki Doi(Caesar GYM) vs. Tarik Benfkih (Club Haute
SB World welter Champ Savat Champ, WPKA World Champ

Result: Doi def Benfkih Extra R decision 3-0 (10-9,10-8,10-8)


7th Match: Ryan Bow(Free) vs. Masaru Abe(Cross Point)

Result: Abe def Bow Decision 3-0 (29-28,29-28,29-28)

8th Match: Hiroki Shishido(Caesar GYM) vs. Ronald Wolfs(Ling-Ho
Gym, Holland)
SB Light weight Champ

Result: Shishido def Wolfs 1R 2’24 TKO (3 knock down )


9th Match :
Result: Igo def Dawson 1R 1’04 TKO (throwing towel )

10th Match:
Result: Souwer def Doi 1R 0’59 KO ( Panch )


11th Match: Volk Atajev (RINGS RUSSIA) vs. Chris Franco(Studio
West Martial Arts, Canada)

Result: Atajev def Franco 1R 2’31 Front Choke

12th Match: Kenichi Ogata (Caesar GYM) vs. Narkou Spain(Australia)
SB S-welter weight Champ Supartan Champ
Result: Draw


13th Match:
Result: Souwer def Igo Extra R decision ( 10-9,10-10,10-9 )

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