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Sunday, Apr 06, 2003

Ufc 39: The Warriors Returndvd

UFC 39: The Warriors Return

UFC 39: The Warriors Return DVD
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The premier mixed martial arts event in the world returns to the East Coast for UFC 39: The Warriors Return.

The Heavyweight Championship is up for grabs as rising young star Ricco Rodriguez takes on former 2-time champion Randy "The Natural" Couture. This is a battle of youth versus experience-one for the ages. The undercard is highlighted by a four-man lightweight tournament to crown a new champion. BJ Penn faces Matt Serra and Caol Uno faces Din Thomas. The winners will go on to meet for the championship at UFC 41. Other feature fights on the card include Phil Baroni versus Dave Menne in a middleweight showdown, and Gan "The Giant" McGee versus Pedro "The Rock" Rizzo in a heavyweight battle.

It’s another huge night of fights from the most intense, full-contact event in sports today — The Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Special features:

  • 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Spanish commentary
  • Preliminary bouts
  • Post-fight press conference
  • Official Weigh-in
  • Exclusive training footage
  • Fighter interview bloopers
  • Detailed Fighter Bios
  • Behind The Scenes Action

2 Disk Set Includes:

1. Introduction
2. Dave Menne vs. Phil Baroni
3. Pedro Rizzo vs. Gan McGee
4. Din Thomas vs. Caol Uno
5. BJ Penn vs. Matt Serra
6. Randy Couture vs. Ricco Rodriguez

Prelim Fights
1. Benji Radach vs. Sean Sherk
2. Matt Lindland vs. Ivan Salaverry
3. Tim Sylvia vs. Wesley Correira

Behind The Scenes
1. A Day in the Life: Ricco Rodriguez
2. UFC 39 Weigh-In
3. Phil Baroni works out Pre-Fight
4. BJ Penn: Post Fight Reactions
5. BJ Penn and Matt Serra Pre-Fight Feature
6. On the Air: Inside the Production Truck
7. Ricco Rodriguez on the Radio
8. Directv "um"
9. Directv "sit still"

Fighter Bios
Randy Couture, Ricco Rodriguez, Pedro Rizzo, Benji Radach, Gan McGee, Sean Sherk, BJ Penn, Dave Menne, Tim Sylvia, Matt Serra, Phil Baroni, Wesley Correira, Din Thomas, Matt Lindland, Caol Uno, Ivan Salaverry

Fighter Features
1. Ricco Rodriguez "Focus"
2. Randy Couture "Ageless Warrior"
3. Matt Serra "Streetwise"
4. Din Thomas vs. Caol Uno "The Rematch"
5. BJ Penn vs. Matt Serra "Pound for Pound"

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From Susumu’s Gallery:

Susumu’s Gallery Update

Susumu photo


We have finally added UFC 40 & 41 photos on our site. Please enjoy!
Visit Susumu’s gallery at http://come.to/susumu.

By Eduardo Alonso

News from Curitiba:
Muay Thai & NHB to Shake
Chute Boxe Hometown Soon!

      The months of April and May of 2003 will see plenty of fighting action taking place in the city of Curitiba in Brazil, now known as the home of the Chute Boxe team and birthplace of several top fighters such as Wanderlei Silva, Murilo Ninja Rua and Anderson Silva, starting with STORM Muay Thai Grand Prix in April, and continuing with MECA World Vale Tudo 8 in May! MECA 8 will in fact bring some interesting surprises for NHB fans at May 16th and FCF brings you first hand those news; Along with the already announced main event between Luta Livre legend and UFC veteran Eugenio Tadeu facing Brazilian NHB veteran Marcelo Giudice, PRIDE and UFC veteran Allan Goes was added to the card facing against MECA 7 winner and K-1 Brazil veteran Carlinhos! The rest of the tentative card, likely to be confirmed at anytime, includes MECA 7 veteran Rafael Capoeira having another chance against Marcelo Dourado, UFC and IVC veteran Jorge Macaco Pattino matched up against IVC veteran Claudinho, Chute Boxe black belt Israel Gomes in a rivalry match against MECA veteran Bicudo, Claudionor Fontinelli coming fresh from his win at Bitetti Combat 2 to fight against Luis Alves student Peterson, Royler Gracie black belt Fabricio Morango facing Vagao and of course Mauricio Shogun Rua coming back to his second NHB match now likely against Brazilian Top Team member Marcelo Alfaia, since Shogun is now in a different weight division than his original opponent Roan Carneiro, also from the BTT. The card is promised to have 10 fights, so promoters are about to announce an opponent for Chute Boxe K-1 veteran Nilson de Castro at anytime as well as announce an extra match still in the works.
      However, before May comes with NHB Curitiba will experience some interesting Muay Thai action with the first ever STORM Grand Prix. This next Saturday, April 12th four heavyweight fighters, representing some of the best Brazil has to offer, will compete on the brackets to become the first ever STORM Grand Prix champion. The competitors on the brackets come from different parts of the country including Helio Deep, from the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Cresio dos Santos from Bahia, Julio Cesar "Jamanta", who already competed in K-1 and will represent the Chute Boxe team on the brackets, and a Luis Alves student who will replace K-1 Brazil runner up Eduardo Maiorino, who isn’t able to compete anymore. Along with the tournament, the event will also feature some single matches, with Chute Boxe Muay Thai stand out Marlon Matias facing Tiago from the BVT academy, Edinei Marinho matching up Julio Santos also from Bahia, Chute Boxe fighter Fabio Pelezinho performing against Alex Vieira from Rio de Janeiro and most importantly PRIDE, Shooto and MECA veteran Anderson Silva getting back to his Muay Thai roots to face against San Marino! Anderson is without a doubt the biggest attraction on the card that will also count with some complementary matches, all being in five rounds of three minutes each. The weigh-ins will take place this Friday in Curitiba, and FCF is going to be there to bring you all the details from the biggest Muay Thai event ever in Brazil!

Results from
World Freestyle Fighting Championships 4

Held April 4, 2003
At the Orpheum Theatre
Vancouver, BC, Canada
By Mike Neva

Len Smith (Vernon, BC) def. Rob Acton (Vancouver, BC) by rear naked choke at 3:48 of round 1

Chad Hamzeh (Calgary, BC) def. Justin Livingston (Vancouver, BC) by split decision after 2 rounds

Paul Forde (Vancouver, BC) def. Mike Bosa (Kamloops, BC) by arm bar at 4:20 of round 1

Ivan Mejivar (Montreal, QC) def. Brandon Shuey (Idaho, USA) by knee bar at: 38 seconds of round 1

Nick Ring (Calgary, AB) def. Kevin Dolan (Edmonton, AB) by verbal submission from punches at 1:20 of round 1

Ulisses Castro (Campbell River, BC) def. Yan Pellerin (Montreal, QC) by rear naked choke at 4:12 of round 1

WFF Canadian Lightweight Championship
Curtis Brigham (Winnipeg, MB) def. Max Marin (Calgary, AB) by rear naked choke at: 56 of round 1

WFF Canadian Light-Heavyweight Championship

Cameron Brown (Port Moody, BC) vs. Bill Mahood (Prince George, BC) majority draw after 3 rounds

WFF Canadian Middleweight Championship
Denis Kang (Vancouver, BC) def. Chris Peak (Victoria, BC) by rear naked choke at: 57 of round 1

Extreme Brawl 2
Held March 30, 2003
Bracknell, UK
By Jim Burman
Waite finishing the sub

Andy Jardine put on a successful sequel to last years Extreme Brawl on Sunday when he delivered a show that provided some great matches and one or two upsets. Match of the night was undoubtably the Light Cruiser Weight Title match between Alex Reid and Mark Day. From the outset Day stormed out to put Reid away and despite Reid’s stand up prowess (ex European Thai boxing champ) he wasn’t afraid to go toe to toe. For most of the first round Day pushed the action taking Reid down and dominating him with strikes from within his guard and from the side mount. Toward the end of the first round the ref stopped the fight to check a cut on Reid and both fighters were given a stand up. Reid used this opportunity for some payback and both fighters were sucking air at the break. In the second the fight began to sway more in Reid’s favour and he managed to put together a flurry of strikes that put day down. Although still conscious Day was exhausted and the ref stopped the match to avoid him taking unneccesary punishment. Reid was visibly emotional and exhausted and dedicated the victory for British fighters out in Iraq. In other matches Alex Evans took a blemish on his unbeaten record when Mark Weir training partner Matt Ewin scored a submission victory over him. Although Evans landed some truly violent leg kicks Ewin was able to take him down and work a patient grappling game to eventually secure the tapout. The crowd was also treated to a flash KO when Craig Amer landed a bulldozer of a left hook on Mark Epstein. Epstein, a true beast of a man, had destroyed him last opponent and many predicted the same in this match but after a brief exchange of leg kicks Amer landed the punch that set him tumbling. Full write up to come in an upcoming issue of Full Contact Fighter.

Full Results

Danny Blankley vs. Dominic Morton (Kickboxing Match)
Winner: Blankely ref stoppage Rd 2

Kathy Gifford vs. Theresa Elington (Sub Grappling Match)
Winner: Gifford by sub (rear naked choke) Rd 1

Neil McCleod vs. Chris Freebourne
Winner: McCleod by armbar from mount Rd 1

Paul Hopkins vs. Scott Ireland
Winner: Ireland by ref stoppage Rd 1

Leon "The Destroyer" Dickens vs. John Waite
Winner: Waite by sub (armbar) Rd 1

Welterweight Title Match
Ricky Moore vs. Kevin Capel
Winner: Moore by sub (heelhook) Rd 1

Shane Tovill vs. Uri Gabunia (Georgia)
Winner: Tovill by sub (guillotine) Rd 1

Terry McDougall vs. Lars Besand (Denmark)
Winner: McDougall by sub (guillotine) Rd 1

Paul "Hands of Stone" Jenkins vs. Mario Stapel (Germany)
Winner: Stapel by ref stoppage Rd 1

Mark Epstein vs. Craig Amer
Winner: Amer by KO (left hook) Rd 1

Super Middle Weight Title Match
Lee Dolski vs. Andy Cooper.
Winner: Cooper by KO (left hook) Rd 2

Light Cruiser Weight Title
Mark Day vs. Alex "Reidinator" Reid
Winner: Reid by ref stoppage Rd 2

Light Heavy Weight Title
Alex Evans vs. Matt Ewin
Winner: Ewin by sub (choke) Rd 1

Super Heavy Weight title
Wayne "The Monster" Lascelles (UK) vs. Tengiz Tedoradze (Georgia)
Winner: Tedoradze by ref stoppage Rd 1

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