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Thursday, Aug 18, 2005

Ufc 54: Boiling Pointofficial Weigh-in Results

UFC 54: Boiling Point
Official Weigh-In Results

By Loretta Hunt

An infectious smile from welterweight Georges St. Pierre. The calming nod of seasoned veteran Randy Couture. The confident gait of Matt Lindland. Fans turned out in force to catch their favorites take the scales and made their presence known.

Chuck Liddell (left) vs. Jeremy Horn
Chuck Liddell vs. Jeremy Horn

The official weigh-ins in bout order tomorrow night:


Terry Martin – 206 pounds
James Irvin – 206 pounds

Trevor Prangley – 184.5 pounds
Travis Lutter – 186 pounds

Joe Doerksen – 185.5 pounds
Matt Lindland – 185.5 pounds

Pay-Per-View Card

Georges St Pierre – 170 pounds
Frank Trigg – 170 pounds

Brian Gassaway – 170 pounds
Diego Sanchez – 170.5 pounds

Mike Van Arsdale – 205 pounds
Randy Couture – 206 pounds

Swing Bout
Tra Telligman – 229 pounds
Tim Sylvia – 164 pounds

Light Heavyweight Championship Title Fight

Jeremy Horn (Challenger) – 203 pounds
Chuck Liddell (Champion) – 204 pounds

The Gambler:
Lindland Chances Title Shot to Simply Fight

By Loretta Hunt

Matt 'The Law' Lindland
Four months ago, with cameras rolling, tape recorders running, and an anxious crowd leaning in, it came from UFC president Dana White’s very lips. Matt Lindland would get the next middleweight title shot.

Previously announced was a title match-up between UFC middleweight champion Evan Tanner and challenger Rich Franklin, a fight some believed the 8-3 Lindland had been looked over for. If Lindland could wait, he’d get the winner.

Lindland couldn’t wait.

After Franklin dispatched Tanner soundly at June’s UFC 53, the new champion was off to TV Land to become a head coach for the second season of The Ultimate Fighter. It became fairly clear pretty quickly that Franklin would not defend his title any time before the series launched on August 22nd.

So, why is Lindland fighting Saturday night at UFC 54? "The problem is I’m fighting for a living, so I got to take fights when they come," the Oregon-based father of two replies. "I was promised a title shot before this last time as well, and I’m still waiting for that one. A promise of a title shot is nothing new."

If you had Lindland’s ear, would you counsel him any differently? Chances are the Olympic silver medalist wouldn’t listen. "I ask UFC to be on every fight card," Lindland says. "This is what I do. I love to fight I also like getting paid to fight, so if the UFC put me on every fight card that would be great."

The thrill of competition. The necessity of money. This is why Lindland will gamble his second career shot at a UFC title Saturday by jumping into the cage with Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Joe Doerksen, a recent replacement for an injured Joe Riggs.

"I would say Doerksen has to be a lot tougher than Riggs since he is planning on showing up to fight," Lindland jabs at his originally intended opponent Riggs, who had publicly attacked his" follicly-challenged" elder online shortly before their match-up had been announced.

With the loss of the brash 23-year-old slugger to UFC 54’s roster, some might postulate that any juice to Lindland has left the building.

Motivation? I am still getting paid the same, this is what I do for a living so I’m still motivated to beat up some guy that steps in the ring and get paid for doing it. What more motivation do I need, I have the greatest job on the planet I get paid to beat up guys.

Whether it be Riggs or Doerksen though, the consequences remain the same. Lose and be tossed back into the pile of middleweight "one fight contract" players. Win and move up the next ladder rung towards champion Franklin, a path that has virtually cleared since potential contender Ivan Salaverry phoned in an uninspired performance against UFC newcomer Nathan Marquardt.

"I am sure Salaverry was the next golden boy," Lindland chimes in. "I was actually asked if I wanted to fight Ivan [first]. My answer was yes if that my only option but no if there is anyone else out there for me to fight. I was not real excited about the prospect of fighting Ivan since I had already decisively beaten Ivan and his style is rather defensive which would lead to a rather uninteresting bout."

Excitement. It’s become a topic directly correlated with your opponent’s style or strengths. Get an opponent whose style doesn’t suit yours, and you could be branded a boring fighter in less than fifteen minutes.

The subject of numerous discussions on marketability, the wrestling-based Lindland is no stranger to this accusation. So, Lindland has tried to adapt and grow, both inside the cage and out. His Sport Fight promotion, co-owned by training partner and friend Randy Couture, grows leaps and bounds. On July 9th, 4,400 spectators turned out at the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon for its fourteenth event, its highest attendance to date. Already broadcast by regional provider Comcast TV in the Northwest, Lindland says other cable networks are on the way.

And if he gets past Doerksen, Franklin is said to be a reality, but wisely Lindland isn’t looking past phase one. "If the UFC gives me a shot at their boy Franklin, I will let you know after this fight. Right now I have to take care of a very tough Joe Doerksen."

From DSE/Pride:

Bushido 'The Tournament' Logo

TOKYO, Japan – The welterweight bouts have been announced for PRIDE FIGHTING’S BUSHIDO "The Tournament." Headlining matches include a rematch between Ikuhisa "The Punk" Minowa and "The New York Bad Ass" Phil Baroni as well as Ryo Chonan against Dan Henderson.

Fight Card
Welterweight Tournament Bouts
Phil Baroni (USA) vs. Ikuhisa "The Punk" Minowa (Japan)
Ryo Chonan (Japan) vs. Dan Henderson (USA)
Masanori Suda (Japan) vs. Murilo Bustamante (Brazil)
Akihiro Gono (Japan) vs. Daniel Acacio (Brazil)

Welterweight Tournament Reserve Bout
Ryuta Sakurai (Japan) vs. Paulo Filho (Brazil)

(Fight Card Subject to Change)
Additional Matches to be Announced Soon.

(Continued on Next Page)
BUSHIDO THE TOURNAMENT will take place from the Ariake Coliseum in Japan and is scheduled to debut on North American pay per view via iNDEMAND, DIRECTV, DISH NETWORK, UrbanXtra, TVN1, VU!, and Viewer’s Choice Canada.

North American Pay Per View Schedule:
PPV Premiere Date: Sunday, September 25th, 2005
Premiere Time: 9:00 pm EST, 6:00 pm PST

BUSHIDO THE TOURNAMENT will be available at a reduced rate of $24.95.

For additional replay times, please contact your pay per view provider.

Waterman Outwrestles Rodriguez at WEC 16
By Loretta Hunt

Lemoore, California, August 18 — It couldn’t possibly have gone the way a rebounding Ricco Rodriguez pictured it would as wrestler Ron Waterman amply outscored the former UFC Heavyweight Champion tonight from WEC 16: Clash of the Titans II with dominating takedowns and ground control to retain his Super Heavyweight Championship title.

Sharp wrestler Waterman played a systematic game by pushing a far less conditioned Rodriguez against the fence to secure an often violent takedown, and on the ground, the PRIDE veteran spent the majority of time in side control simply holding Rodriguez down. A glimmer of the slick Rodriguez of old would peak out with a submission attempt here and there, but for the most part, the Team Punishment fighter expended much of his energy either trying to deflect a Kimura attempt or struggling to get out from underneath Waterman’s smothering hold until the two were stood again.

On their feet, Rodriguez scored briefly with two high kicks in the second round, the latter of which knocked Waterman’s mouthpiece out, but after a quick break to clean and replace the equipment, Waterman again shot in and took his opponent down before he could capitalize. Returning to his corner at the bell, teammate Quinton Jackson could be seen popping a heavily bandaged Rodriguez’s knee back into place, a lateral injury the fighter later told FCF he’d suffered a week before.

Ron Waterman taking down Ricco Rodriguez
Waterman taking down Rodriguez

If Rodriguez was hoping to tire his opponent out, the sight of a fresh and ready Waterman in the third round must have been an unwelcome one. Off Rodriguez’s high kick, Waterman again scooped up his foe and hurled him to the mat, where he moved to a Kimura, then a can opener attempt. Rodriguez fended off the attempts easily, but could never launch enough of an offensive to the give the judges any other recourse but a unanimous decision nod for his opponent.

Taking the fight on a week’s notice, a surprisingly positive Rodriguez blamed no one but himself for the loss backstage. "If I was in better shape and if I was the man that used to fight in the UFC weighing in at 240 instead of 270, I think I would have done a lot better," he told FCF. "The major thing is I truly have to get in shape and start taking training practice a bit more seriously. I’ve had some really bad demons with drinking and gambling and partying really hard. I’d train hard for three months, then go partying for two or three months, and that lasted for ten years. Now, I’m definitely taking this sport seriously."

Ron Waterman working for a submission on Ricco Rodriguez
Waterman working for a submission on Rodriguez

Many will not be able to get past Rodriguez’s bloated exterior, a far cry from his King of the Cage and even UFC days, but six months into an Alcoholic’s Anonymous program with a new found humility, Rodriguez should be commended for his bravery to step back into the cage when others would simply walk away. If he gets into a regular training regimen as he says he will, there could be a comeback left in him after all.

In the co-main event of the evening, Middleweight North American Champion Alex Serdyukov and challenger Victor Parfenov duked it out for two minutes and twenty seconds, until a hard knee to Parfenov’s body crumbled him to the mat. The fellow Russians traded some rough shots back and forth, but Serdyukov’s superior hand speed allowed him to land more frequently. Nearly buckling along the fence, Parfenov hung on only to be dropped by the final blow less than thirty seconds later in another corner.

Casey Olsen on top of Rolland Parli
Olsen on top of Parli

Also on the card, TUF season one competitor Chris Sanford survived an early round knockdown at the hands of Josh "Machine" Green to catch his gung-ho opponent’s head with a standing guillotine a few moments later in the first round; while athletic light-heavyweight Kenny Ento, from Rock Solid in Visalia, demonstrated a strong stand-up repertoire before transitioning to a smooth ground game that snagged Chris Bothello in a late first round armbar.

Flanked by Josh Thomson and Josh Koscheck as he entered the cage, Pacific Martial Arts/Pit Fight Team’s Casey Olsen also made an indelible impression off the bat tonight in his WEC debut. Unfortunately, Olsen was not only matched by an extremely game opponent in Bullet NHB Academy’s Rolland "Irish Man" Parli, he had to vie for the crowd’s attention after an overzealous fan decided to make his way down to the first row and take an empty seat. When a security guard contested him, the situation quickly escalated into an all-out brawl cageside with numerous other spectators jumping in. Olsen and Parli continued to scale a feverishly-paced battle nonetheless, which showcased the Pit fighter’s clean takedowns and crisp, if not frenetic striking.

Kenny Ento armbarring Chris Bothello
Ento armbarring Bothello

Olsen dropped Parli with an uppercut midway through the round, yet the fight continued on when Olsen hesitated and didn’t jump in to finish the job. The agile lightweight did eventually accomplish the tour de force when he again knocked down Parli with seconds left on the clock and the referee raced in to stop it. With a little more guidance to harness in his obvious skills, Olsen could make his way up the ladder.

WEC 16 Results

Dan Marks def. Walt Hughes – Armbar 2:22 R2
Allan Weickert def. Rocky Bastini – Armbar 2:50 R2
Ernie Tiesirino def. Van Palacio – TKO Referee Stoppage (strikes) 2:48 Rd 3
Kenny Ento def. Chris Bothello – Armbar 4:33 R1
Casey Olsen def. Rolland Parli – TKO Referee Stoppage (strikes) 4:58 R1
Steve Ramirez def. Jason Biswell – TKO Referee Stoppage (strikes) 2:01 R1
Jody Poff vs. Rafael Del Real – No Contest (Low Blow) R1
Chris Sanford def. Josh Green – Guillotine Choke 2:30 R1
Tosh Cook def. Troy Miller – Rear Naked Choke 1:45 R1

Middleweight North American Title Fight

Alex Serdyukov def. Victor Parfenov – TKO Referee Stoppage (knees) 2:20 R1

Super Heavyweight Championship Fight

Ron Waterman def. Ricco Rodriguez – Unanimous Decision (30-27 all)

Shogun, Silva and Arona Ready, Chute Boxe Receiving VIP guests, Minotauro Recovering from Surgery, Jungle 5 Postponed, Ninja to Stay in Pride, BJJ World Championship Review and More!

The Brazilian Beat:
      What awaits MMA fans around the world in less than two weeks, can be simply called amazing. The Pride Middleweight Grand Prix finals are coming up on August 28th, and although much more is going on in the mixed martial arts world, is tough to distract fans’, fighters’ and press’ attention from such an important event, that will match up "enemies" Wanderlei Silva and Ricardo Arona, and maybe even provide the first-ever clash between two Chute Boxe stars. Needless to say, this scenario created plenty stirrings involving these two powerhouses, Chute Boxe and Brazilian Top Team, just adding more spice to the always busy Brazilian fight scene and its usual happenings. With that said, we won’t keep you any longer from reading the news and imagining what will unfold when August 28th finally comes to pass! So let’s go straight to the news, ’cause as showtime approaches, Full Contact Fighter allows space for the Beat to releases the sweet sounds, straight out of Brazil!

  • Although it already took place a good while ago, taking place over the very last days of July until the very beginning of August, the 2005 edition of the traditional BJJ World Championship, promoted by CBJJ, is still worth of mention here in this space, as it has been a while since this column last appeared. Through endless hours of Jiu Jitsu fights in Rio de Janeiro, many famous names of the "Smooth art" once again proved their value with the world championship as their prize in the end, like MMA veteran Fredson Paixao, Bibiano Fernandes, and mostly the current Jiu-Jitsu stand outs Ronaldo Jacare and Roger Gracie. However, maybe the most appealing fact of the tournament was controversy, as Roger Gracie and Ronaldo Jacare, both champions in their respective weight classes, battled in the final match of the absolute class, maybe the most important prize in today’s Jiu-Jitsu. In a bout that was more conservative than open, Jacare ended up scoring a controversial takedown near the very end of the match, that gave him the win and cause much, believe me, much talk in Brazil during the past weeks. Here are the champions of 2005:
    • Roosterweight: Samuel Braga
    • Featherweight: Fredson Paixao
    • Super Featherweight: Bibiano Fernandes
    • Lightweight: Celso Vinicius
    • Middleweight: Andre Galvao
    • Light Heavyweight: Ronaldo Jacare
    • Heavyweight: Robert Drysdale
    • Super Heavyweight: Roger Gracie
    • Overweight: Francisco Fernandes
    • Absolute: Ronaldo Jacar

  • Chute Boxe fighter Murilo Ninja’s UFC debut won’t happen so soon, at least not in the October UFC show, as already stated by UFC’s matchmaker Joe Silva, and confirmed by the fighter in Brazil. Although talks have supposedly went on about Ninja representing Pride in the UFC, as part of a co-operation between the two promotions, recent rumors have that negotiations have possibly fell trough about 15 days ago. It’s tough to determine how far, or not, talks had gone, despite the fact that the fighter himself was eager and motivated to compete inside the Octagon. Rumors have that negotiations just didn’t develop, possibly for financial reasons. Murilo will indeed likely be fighting in Pride’s October show now.
  • In fact, Murilo Ninja decided to re-schedule his European seminar tour, that he had cancelled due to training for the early October UFC. The tour will start with a seminar in Gothenburg, Sweden, on September 3rd and 4th. Other cities in the tour includes Stockholm, also in Sweden, Copenhagen in Denmark, Cambridge, Milton Keynes, and Strood, in England, Belfast in Northern Ireland, as well as Milan in Italy, among others. Ninja is also expected to be a special guest at the September 10th Cage Rage show. FCF will keep you posted on the complete Chute Boxe stand out European seminar schedule.
  • Speaking of the Chute Boxe academy, things couldn’t be hotter in the Curitiba based academy right now. With the intense training going on, as the only team that has two representatives on the Pride GP Finals, plus other athletes training for shows such as Cage Rage, one couldn’t think those were enough ingredients to grant a busy training environment. However, guests just won’t cease appearing at Chute Boxe right now, as after Pedro Rizzo and Beto Leitao, from Ruas Vale Tudo, another MMA fighter with striking background has showed up in the academy for some training. MMA star on rise Lyoto Machida is the latest fighter to arrive on Curitiba, and has began training with the team this past August 8th. At this point, it’s not clear whether this is just training for a small period of time, or if a longer relationship can develop.

    Click here to continue The Beat

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