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Saturday, Jan 05, 2002

Ufc Back On Cablevision!!!

UFC Back on Cablevision!!!

      Thanks to the tireless efforts of Zuffa, Frank Romano of iN DEMAND, and diehard fans who e-mailed, faxed and phoned Cablevision, the UFC will be returning to Cablevision serviced households on January 11th for UFC 35: Throw Down. Another HUGE step for the sport.
      Cablevision Systems Corporation is one of the nation’s leading telecommunications and entertainment companies. It offers high-speed Internet access (Optimum Online) and digital cable television. The company was founded in 1973 and currently operates nation’s single biggest cable cluster, serving more than 3,000,000 households in the New York metropolitan area (which includes New Jersey and Connecticut). The holdings of Cablevision and its subsidiaries include: the famed Madison Square Garden properties, Radio City Entertainment (as well as a long-term lease on Radio City Music Hall, home of the world-famous Rockettes), and the Clearview Cinema Group.
UFC 35 Banner

By Kipp Kollar

Over the past year the United States Mixed Martial Arts Association (USMMAA) in which I preside over has worked with The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Safety to bring open-hand Mixed Martial Arts competitions to the state. The Boxing Commission/Kickboxing Commission, which falls under the Department of Public Safety, has been extremely impressed with the Mass Destruction events we have held and the level of professionalism of those fighting.

We also worked with the Commission to hold a three-hour Judge & Referee Certification class. The purpose of the class was to train and certify all those interested in or already involved with the refereeing and/or judging of Mixed Martial Arts events in the State of Massachusetts. Upon successful completion of the class, applicants receive certification to begin or continue their specific judging or refereeing responsibilities in 2002. The class consists of a practical exercise portion as well as a written test. The 1st class, held in December, was a huge success and the Commission is requiring all past and future referees and judges to take the USMMAA’s class.

On February 23, 2002 the Commission agreed to allow two "Closed Fist" matches to take place during the USMMAA’s 6th installment of Mass Destruction in Springfield, MA. [See upcoming events section for more info]

Legal Techniques Allowed:
Closed fists, kicks to the head and body while standing, and knees to the body standing or on the ground.

Techniques Not Allowed:
Elbows, head butts, knees to the face and kicks while one of the fighters is on the ground.

WHEN…….Saturday, February 23rd – 7 to 11 p.m.
WHAT…….24 Mixed Martial Arts Matches
LOCATION…South End Community Center – Springfield, MA
CONTACTS…Kipp Kollar (860-632-2753) or President@Nagafighter.com

Location: Somerville, MA
Date: Saturday, January 26th, 2001
Time: 9am to 12 Noon
Cost: $199 (No spectators allowed)
Contact: Kipp Kollar (860-632-2753) or President@Nagafighter.com

Frye, Shamrock to Headline Pride Press Tour;
Pride to Unveil Same-Day Broadcasts

By Aaron Crecy

Dream Stage Entertainment recently confirmed that Don Frye and Ken Shamrock will face off in the main event at Pride 19. In an effort to promote the eagerly anticipated match-up between two of sport’s most legendary fighters, Frye and Shamrock will participate in a five-day, five-city press tour from February 4 – 8. The fighters will make stops in Detroit, New York City, Dallas, Phoenix and Los Angeles, respectively, to meet with the media and participate in autograph signings. Other Pride fighters will likely make appearances as well, such as Renzo Gracie in New York, Guy Mezger in Dallas and Dan Henderson and Quinton Jackson in Los Angeles. Stay tuned to the Full Contact Fighter Web site for related times and locations.

Scheduled to take place in Tokyo on February 24, 2002, sources report that Pride 19 will also mark the event’s first-ever same-day pay-per-view broadcast in the United States. Long hosted by DirecTV and DISH Network, Pride recently penetrated the cable PPV market, partnering with broadcast conglomerate TVN to air tape-delayed shows on the Action Channel, which airs on Cablevision and other U.S. cable systems. Beginning in February, Pride will feature primetime pay-per-view Pride broadcasts on the day of the show — however, the significant time difference still precludes a live airing. It is not yet known if the same-day broadcast will be available in Canada.

Don Frye Ken Shamrock
Don Frye Don Frye

From the event’s promoter:

2 Miletich Fighters Capture Titles at MMA Nationals

      DAVENPORT, Iowa — Dedrick Westbrook and Andrew McFedries, both representing the Miletich Martial Arts Center, claimed titles at the 2001 U.S. Mixed Martial Arts National Championships.
      Westbrook, of East Moline, Ill., dropped 60 pounds in three months before winning the 150-pound title by beating Billy Rush of Middletown, Ohio, in the finals. McFedries, of Davenport, took the 190-pound title with a 42-second victory over Jason Autry of Springfield, Ill.
      Other division champions include Mac Danzig of Greensburg, Pa., at 170; Greg Franklin of Cincinnati at 210; and John Mandell of Springfield, Ill., at heavyweight.
      The MMA Nationals feature fighters who won Extreme Trials qualifying events throughout the year. Notable pro fighters in attendance included UFC champions Jens Pulver, Matt Hughes and Dave Menne; former UFC champion Pat Miletich; and Pride winner Jeremy Horn.

Complete results:

Dedrick Westbrook def. Randy Erhman, 10:00 unanimous dec.; Billy Rush def. Chris Griffin, 1:36 toe hold. FINALS: Westbrook def. Rush, 1:51 Rd. 2 (6:51) by tap from punches.

Mac Danzig def. Tim Hernandez, 1:20 of OT (11:20) by armbar. FINALS: Danzig def. Joe Jordan, 10:00 unanimous dec.

FINAL: Andrew McFedries def. Jason Autry, :42 tap from punches.

James Wade def. Jarod Rusk, 2:23 Rd. 2 (7:23) Ref stop due to punches; Greg Franklin def. Ryan Antle, 2:19 keylock; FINALS: Franklin def, Wade, 5:00 retire between rounds.

John Mandell def. Wayne Pitman, 1:10 tap from punches; Jamie Schell def. Terry Lyon, 2:11 tap from punches; FINALS: Mandell def. Schell, 1:33 rear choke.

Warriors of the New Millennium IV
Royal Lahaina Tennis Stadium, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii
January 5, 2002

By Chris Onzuka – Chris@Onzuka.com

Warriors of the New Millennium IV put on Maui’s fourth mixed martial arts event and have been trying to find a permanent home to host its events. This time the event was held at the Royal Lahaina Tennis Stadium. This outdoor venue had stadium seating and added a new dynamic to the event. One of the most important people behind the scenes is Lee Theros. As my good friend Lee picked me up at Kahului airport, he was a little worried about the prevailing Kona winds that was predicted to bring 25 foot swells to Oahu’s north shore, home of the famous Banzai Pipeline. Along with big waves, the Kona winds bring about drastic weather changes to all the islands and the promoters were worried that a cloud front might be blown in. Fortunately, the weather was perfect, even providing a light breeze to cool off everyone and no rain in sight. This event has always provided a venue for fighters to get their start or gain some experience in MMA without being thrown to the wolves. One thing that must be said about amateur fighters is that they usually give it their all with every fight. Sometimes exhausting their energy reserves a little too early in the fight, but what a show during that time! All of pro matches featured some impressive new comers, Jamaal Perkins’ domination over Jay R. Palmer and the striking skills of Lyndon Talanoa, David Santiago and Brandon Wolff. The first few events were rocky to say the least, but they are ironing out the kinks with every new show and the difficult art of matching up fighters with no experience is getting further honed.

Amateur Division: (2 rounds X 5 minutes)
Logan Gulick (Brazilian Freestyle Jiu-Jitsu, 6’0", 159lbs)
Kawika Velles (Team Tribe) 5’6", 142lbs.
Tap out due to strikes (accumulated punishment) at 3:32 in round 1

Ermin Fergustrom (Brazilian Freestyle Jiu-Jitsu, 5’9", 179 lbs)
Sasha Bauml (Yen Ching Tao, 6’0", 182lbs)
Submission via triangle choke at 0:54 in round 2

Nassor Lewis (808 Fight Factory, 5’7" 169lbs)
Michael Labuanan (Maui Full Contact Fighting, 5’8", 169lbs)
Unanimous decision after 2 rounds.

Garret Viernes (Team Tiger, 6’3" 230lbs)
Jake Farmer (Freelance, 6’1", 214lbs)
Submission via arm bar from guard at 2:50 in round 1

Professional Division: (3 rounds X 5 minutes)
Women’s Match:
Lynn Pendzik (Kihei Kickboxing) winner due to no show

Jay R. Palmer (Universal Rough Housing, 5’8" 150lbs)
Jamaal Perkins (808 Fight Factory, 5’8" 155lbs.)
No contest due to Perkins’ illegal knee to a downed Palmer and Palmer’s inability to continue at 1:41 in round 1. It was unclear if the knee caused Palmer injury or one of the other strikes broke Palmer’s ribs.

Lyndon Talanoa (Grappling Unlimited, 6’2", 263lbs.)
Johnny Mack (Eye of the Tiger, 5’11", 207lbs)
TKO due to punches from the mount at 3:15 in round 1

Main Event:
Brandon Wolff (Grappling Unlimited, 5’9", 173lbs)
David Santiago (North Shore Freestyle, 5’7", 162lbs)
TKO due to punches from the mount at 3:15 in round 1

From the event’s promoter Becky Levi:

Upcoming Danger Zone Events:
The fighters fight promotion!

Amateur Events:

Jan. 13 Ft. Wayne, IN.
Feb.16 Ft. Smith, AR.
April 7 Ft. Wayne, IN.
June Ft. Wayne, IN.

All interested fighters please go to http://www.the-dangerzone.com/ and please fill out a fighter application. Please indicate on the application which show you are interested in fighting in.

Tentative Shows:Pro Cards
Pro Tournaments to be put together for title and belt.
March 23 4 Bears Casino ND. 175 lb.
May Augusta GA. 155 lb.
July/August Kewadin Casino Sault St. Marie, MI. 185 lb. 200 lb.

The Mammoth Dan The Bull Bobish will be taking on Eric Pele for the KOTC title Feb. 9 in CA. Don’t miss this fight as well as some other tremendous match ups on the card.

As soon as the date is set Becky Levi will be fighting in the World Toughwoman Championships. The tentative date is March 8-9 at the Grand Casino in Gulf Port, MS. She trains at Byrd Boxing in Flint, MI. with the top male heavyweight Chris Byrd. Look for Chris Byrd and Dan Severn to be in her corner!

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