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Tuesday, Mar 30, 2004

Ufc Fighter Tim Sylvia Awaits Eleventh Hour Test Results Required For Licensing

From Zuffa/UFC:

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      Las Vegas, Nev., March 31, 2004 … Pursuant to the terms of his prior suspension, former Ultimate Fighting Championship® Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia is anxiously awaiting satisfactory test results indicating an absence of performance enhancing drugs in his system.
      In anticipation of the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s requirement for 2004 licensing, Sylvia took a preliminary test several weeks ago, that still indicates miniscule amounts of the substance detected after his September 26, 2003 bout. Sylvia insists, and the results indicate, that the possible small trace amounts found in his system go back to his first and only use of the agents taken over nine months ago. Because the NSAC had ordered Sylvia to provide satisfactory results before fighting again, Sylvia has requested that he be given until the last possible opportunity to obtain accurate results. This request is based upon a belief that trace amounts can linger in an athlete’s fat cells long after usage has occurred. Sylvia has already submitted his urine sample and lab results for that test are expected early tomorrow.
      UFC® officials are working closely with the NSAC and the fighter, a proactive approach the company embraces in matters relating to fighter safety and event integrity. Any changes to the official UFC 47: It’s On! event card will be announced pending Sylvia’s test results.
      UFC47: It’s On! features a much anticipated main event with Tito Ortiz vs. Chuck Liddell for the number one contender status in the Light Heavyweight division. The event airs live on pay-per-view at 10 p.m. EST and 7 p.m. PST this Friday, April 2, from the almost sold out Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.

"The Axe Murderer" Chopping his way into the Mainstream in Brazil, Schembri adapting well to Chute Boxe, Storm Samurai coming up, more HEAT FC 3 news and talk of Anderson Silva vs. Jeremey Horn in Korea!

The Brazilian Beat:
      Things are heated in the Brazilian MMA scene as March marches to an end and March Madness will turn into April Madness in this country as plenty of MMA shows will be taking place in the coming month. As those shows approaches more backstage happenings take place and the Brazilian Beat returns to report some more tidbits from the latest. HEAT FC 3 is approaching and its fights are being announced all the time. Chute Boxe will also bring STORM SAMURAI with some new MMA talent in their ring as the team looks stronger and stronger with Nino "Elvis" Schembri starting to look as an official Chute Boxe member. Besides that, Chute Boxe main icon Wanderlei Silva is taking Brazilian mainstream media by storm and preaching the word of MMA to newbies. As Chute Boxe seems to always be the center of attention in what comes to MMA here lately, even their former members are making some noise as rumors have Anderson Silva may be going to Korea to face PRIDE and UFC veteran Jeremy Horn in June. This may only be a rumor, but as one would say, where you can find smoke there’s a huge chance of finding fire as well … So, with no further wait let’s go straight to the news as the Beat can never stop in FCF in typical Brazilian madness!