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Thursday, Jul 22, 2004

Ufc Fighters Get “blind Dates”

UFC Fighters Get "Blind Dates"
By Loretta Hunt

Tim Sylvia
Tim Sylvia

Get ready for a deluge of fighter-friendly programming coming to a small screen near you. Not only will the UFC debut their own reality series on Spike TV next January with The Ultimate Fighter, audiences will get to gaze through the looking glass as early as this fall when five Ultimate fighters turn up the charm on separate episodes of the popular reality-based show Blind Date.

Going into its sixth season, Blind Date introduces the scenario in which strangers are paired up and followed through various engaging activities in the course of one day, in the hopes of sprouting a relationship. Some make "love connections" along the way, but the truly entertaining moments come when the couples just don’t seem to click.

Relocating to Las Vegas for the week, Date’s cameras captured the fighters and their new companions in a host of locations. UFC 47 veteran Tiki Ghosn toured Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum before rustling up this date for some mechanical bull-riding, while lightweight standout Josh Thomson tried his hand at some indoor skydiving. Former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia led his date through magician/comedian Amazing Jonathan’s Funhouse, which hosts a collection of gadgets and optical illusions. Welterweight striker Pete Spratt and company were given a generous stipend to gamble at the Green Valley Ranch, one of eleven casinos owned by UFC proprietors Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, and on his date’s own suggestion, heavyweight ham Wes Sims partied away with his gal at a Vegas strip club. All of the dates culminated with dinner and drinks, as well as the familiar dip in the hot tub for some, although Date reps were tight-lipped as to just who took the plunge. In total, each fighter spent 10 to 12 hours with his date.

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From the event’s promoter:

Modern Ringsport Results

Place: Clear Channel Metroplex, Little Rock, Arkansas
Date: Saturday July 17th, 2004

Spyder Eppley (LDMA) def. Tyler Mounts (Payne’s Kickboxing) TKO 3rd Round
Daniel Dring Jr (LDMA) def. Caleb Manry (Oudthone Muay Thai) Unanimous Decision
Terri French (Bill Barton) def. Deanna Willis (McFann’s Martial Arts) Unanimous Decision
Kayla Oudthone (Oudthone Muay Thai) def Kanisha Washington (Boxing) Unanimous Decision
Mercedez Mallonee (Oudthone Muay Thai) def. Leslie Spence (LDMA) Unanimous Decision
Jason Craig (Hot Springs Taekwondo) def. Chris Henderson (Little Rock Taekwondo) Unanimous Decision
Murrya Collier (Payne’s Kickboxing) def. Kimberly Runkle (McFann’s Martial Arts) Unanimous Decision
Josh Morden (LDMA) def Ernessto Perez (Bill Barton) TKO 3rd Round
Jennifer Schwarz (LDMA) def Windy Collier (Payne’s Kickboxing) TKO 3rd Round
Charles George (McFann’s Martial Arts) def Russell Baker Unanimous Decision
Josh Masey (Hot Springs Taekwondo) def. Stewart Godfrey (McFann’s Martial Arts) Unanimous Decision
Matthew Puckett (LDMA) def.Christopher Davis (Impact Martial Arts) Unanimous Decision
Todd Sinclair (LDMA) def. Drew Pulver Unanimous Decision
Sammy Whitlock Jr. (LDMA) def Scott Stephens (Whitlow’s Taekwondo) Split Decision
Christopher Thompson (Oudthone’s Muay Thai) def. Jared Tillman (LDMA) Majority Decision

Submission Wrestling:
Cameron Smith (McFann’s Martial Arts) def. Eric Clark "The Shoot" (LDMA) Points
Seth "Dr Kevorkian" Klienbeck (LDMA) def. Matt Parrish (Combat Jiujitsu) Can Opener Submission

Paul Fox (Lunsford’s Kickboxing) def. Josh Meadows (McFann’s Martial Arts) TKO 1st Round
Don Johnson (LDMA) def. Terry Roper (Freelance) Submission 2nd Round

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