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Saturday, Dec 20, 2014

UFC FN 58: Tim Means Plans on “Tearing” up the Style of Marcio Alexandre Jr.

Tim Means attacking Bernardo Magalhaes (right) (photo via UFC.com)

By Kelsey Mowatt

Marcio Alexandre Jr. may be nicknamed “Lyoto” in honor of Lyoto Machida, and because of his decorated, karate background, but Tim Means believes he’ll shut all that down at UFC FN 58 tonight.

While Alexander Jr. has won numerous karate titles and has scored numerous, stoppages since he transitioned into MMA, Means is also well known for his striking pedigree. Case in point, Means took out Pete Spratt, Artenas Young and Justin Salas in memorable fashion, and his stand-up skills were also featured during his decision win over Hernani Perpetuo.

“This guy calls himself Lyoto, and he’s a karate guy and all this, but I just plan on tearing that style up,” Means relayed on a recent episode of Full Contact Fighter Radio. “He likes to go backwards and he doesn’t like to be pressured. I think I do all of the above. I march you down, I pressure you and I make you uncomfortable, and I don’t think he likes any of that. So I feel I’m a bad style for him.”

While Means has turned heads with his stand-up skills and length, the 6’2 tall fighter also showcased a developing wrestling game in his July win over Perpetuo.

“At the same time, I used my wrestling a little bit in my last fight, and I’ve really been enjoying the ground stuff, mixing in the takedowns, ” the 30 year-old Means furthered. “So, I’m just looking to fight here, not just being a boxer. So, get down there, get my hand raised, and get back here and enjoy Christmas.”

“I do,” said Means, when asked if he believes his skill set is more well rounded than ever. “I do things in practice that I haven’t really used in a fight yet, so I’m looking to bring a lot of those tools that I know I have, it’s just a matter of getting the timing right, and not forcing things in a fight.”

Means continues to work closely with FIT NHB’s wrestling coach Jon Judy, and he credits the latter for helping him develop a new set of weapons for his arsenal.

“It’s really been a blessing with Jon Judy on the wrestling,” Means added. “He really understands MMA wrestling, I guess would be the right terminology for it. You can’t just wrestle, have your hands down and your head low when you’re in the clinch, because of knees and stuff, but Jon Judy does a really good job of mixing wrestling in with strikes.”

“It’s just starting to make real good sense, and some days are better than others, some days I feel like I’m a three year old kid trying to learn how to eat, but it’s really been fun,” Means furthered. “I’ve been open minded in practice, and I just feel like I’m learning and I’m not just stuck in a rut.”

UFC FN 58 will take place in Barueri, Brazil, and in the main event, Lyoto Machida will take on fellow middleweight contender, CB Dollaway.

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