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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

UFC FN 68: Tim Boetsch Knows Dan Henderson Needs Just “One Touch of That Right Hand”, But Spots “Openings”

Tim Boetsch (photo via UFC.com)

By Kelsey Mowatt

Although Dan Henderson has lost five of his last six fights, when Tim Boetsch faces the legendary fighter at UFC Fight Night 68, he expects nothing less than the classic “Hendo” approach.

Over the years, Henderson has become a fan favorite, due to his straight forward style and his relentless hunt for a knockout. The 44 year-old may be one of the most decorated wrestlers yet to cross over into MMA, but Henderson has consistently looked to finish fights, rather than win rounds. Boetsch is preparing for the same on June 6th.

“It’s the same approach and everybody tunes into see it, because everybody knows one touch of that right hand, and it’s a complete game changer,” Boetsch said on a recent episode of Full Contact Fighter Radio, while discussing Henderson. “That’s there. That’s never going to go away for him. He’s used it for his whole career for a reason and he’s going to continue to use it in our fight.”

“It’s something I’m definitely aware of and need to be watching out for,” the 34 year-old Boetsch furthered. “I know people are excited to see if he can get it going, because I’ve watched every single one of his fights. I’d get the pay-per-views, make sure I was tuned in, just to see if he can touch somebody with that right hand.”

Of course, Boetsch has also demonstrated in several of fights that he’s not short on power either. Case in point, against Brad Tavares last August, “The Barbarian” turned the fight around with a thundering left and proceeded to score the stoppage win.

While Boetsch can end a fight in quick and violent fashion, he also has a wrestling background, and plans to utilize all of his weapons if need be.

“I try to keep that open mindset, to figure out, get in the mix, see what it feels like, see what works,” said Boetsch. “Hopefully I don’t find out what’s not working for too long, because with Dan, that’s not a place you want to be. But my mind is completely open. I’m going into this fight just like I do every other one. I want to take the shortest route to victory, and whatever that means, that’s what I’m going to do.”

“Being a professional you have to study the film and you have to be able to see those things,” noted Boetsch, when asked if there’s some openings he’s spotted in Henderson’s game. “Having a guy with so many fights, you certainly see those habits, so yes, there are openings, there are opportunities. But I’ve got to make sure that I’ve trained myself to take advantage of them and I feel like I’ve done that, and I’m going to continue to do that…”

UFC FN 68 will be hosted by the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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