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Friday, Feb 05, 2016

UFC FN 82’s Ray Borg Outlines Why Demetrious Johnson Will “Pick Apart” Henry Cejudo

Demetrious Johnson

By Kelsey Mowatt

It looks like Henry Cejudo will be the next man to face Demetrious Johnson, and according to fellow flyweight Ray Borg, the decorated wrestler doesn’t have much of a chance against.

Although the UFC has yet to confirm a date for Johnson – Cejudo, the former Olympic Gold Medalist wrestler is expected to face “Mighty Mouse” next. Since arriving in the UFC, Cejudo has won four straight fights and is currently ranked #3. The champion Johnson has already defeated the #1 ranked Joseph Benavidez, and the #2 positioned John Dodson, twice.

Recently Borg appeared on Full Contact Fighter Radio, in advance of his bout Saturday with Justin Scoggins. When asked for his take on Johnson – Cejudo, the FIT NHB fighter stated:

“My answer is probably going to be the same throughout this whole process, until the fight’s over. I don’t think Cejudo has a chance. Cejudo claims he’s a bad match-up, but I’ve said it a million times, and I’ll say it again: Cejudo, as well as a bunch of high level wrestlers, I might have mentioned it to you at one point, they’re not transitioning good into MMA wrestling. They wrestle from such a low stance, for such a long time, and having to learn how to do it from a high stance, where there’s punches, knees, kicks involved, and some of them aren’t adapting that well.”

“I don’t think that Cejudo is adapting as well as everyone thinks or that as everybody thought,” added Borg. “Cejudo claims he’s a bad match-up but really he’s Demetrious’s perfect match-up. Because with Demetrious, when you try to knock him out, when you try to stalk him down and tag him up, that’s his game. That’s his range. He’ll move around you and as soon as you plant or move forward to try to knock him out, boom, he’s under you, he’s got you up in the air and he’s just moving on you.”

Cejudo also has some extensive boxing experience, and has showcased some dangerous hands during, but Borg believes how the wrestler sets up his punches could be his undoing.

“Cejudo is super flat footed,” the 22 year-old Borg added. “I know he’s a Golden Gloves boxer, but Golden Gloves boxing is all points. Rarely are there any knockouts. It’s all points. Who can hit someone as fast as they can and as many times as they can…He’ll rush forward with his strikes so much, and he’s so heavy on his feet when he does so, then that’s going to be Demetrious’s, he’s going to pick him apart with those takedowns. I believe that Demetrious is going to take him down a lot more than people think.”

To read up on Borg’s thoughts about his UFC FN 82 fight with Scoggins, head here.

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