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Saturday, Jul 02, 2016

UFC FN 90: Mitch Clarke Says His Overall Game Makes it a “Very Tough Fight” For Joe Duffy

Mitch Clarke (photo via mymma.ru)

By Kelsey Mowatt

Heading into UFC FN 90, some may be assigning a grappler versus striker narrative to the Mitch Clarke – Joseph Duffy scrap, but “Danger Zone” understands that’s an imprecise analysis.

Recently Clarke appeared on Full Contact Fighter Radio to discuss the July 7th bout, which will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. In recent years, Clarke has drawn praise for his toughness, pressuring approach and dangerous ground game. Duffy, meanwhile, is more widely known as a striker, due to his style and run in professional boxing.

While discussing the argument that Clarke’s clearest path to victory would see him pushing Duffy to the cage or taking the fight down, the 30 year-old stated:

“You know, I can see their point, but if that’s the only way I go about it, I’m going to end up like that Brazilian guy,” said Clarke, while referring to Duffy’s submission win over Ivan Jorge. “Forcing the action, gassing myself out and getting subbed, when you know, I really shouldn’t. You know what I mean?”

“Joseph Duffy does have a good submission game as well,” added Clarke. “He’s very active, very aggressive, and I think that’s a really good style for MMA in my opinion. Do I think my ground game is superior? Yes. As a professional boxer, he’s a better boxer, but you know the way I put everything together will make it a very tough fight for him. I think stylistically it’s a good fight for me. It’s about me getting off first and fighting the way I want to fight. If I let him kind of control the action, feel sexy, kind of do his things, let him do that little bit of Philly Style with his left arm down, where he tries to coax you in, so he can punch you in the face with that little stupid uppercut he does….If I let him do that, then yeah, I deserve to get hit in the head…”

Clarke relayed that he intends to make it a grinding, close quarters fight, but he also agreed that his kicks could play a pivotal role.

“…I think people tend to forget that I did do Karate growing up, and I do have a dynamic kick game,” said Clarke. “I think I showed some of that against, what’s his name, John Maguire, and I kind of put him on edge. I threw a couple, when I actually did something against (Michael) Chiesa, and he didn’t seem to like them too much either. The big thing is about timing these types of kicks correctly…”

UFC FN 90 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena. In the main event, lightweight champ Rafael dos Anjos will take on Eddie Alvarez.

posted by FCF Staff @ 8:00 am
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