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Wednesday, Feb 21, 2001

Ufc Returns To A.c. With A Storm

UFC Returns To A.C. With A Storm
By Tom DeFazio
Bantamweight Belt

Atlantic City was hit with a nasty snowstorm that dropped 6-7 inches of white stuff on the city, forcing the Atlantic City Airport to close down and reroute flights to Newark and Philadelphia airports. Luckily all fighters were already in town by the time the storm hit. 

During today’s press conference at the Taj, as the storm got into full swing outside, there was a bit of a storm developing indoors as well. There was some heavy tension between Curtis Stout and Phil Baroni who are set to face each other in one of the preliminary matches. Luckily cooler heads prevailed and they will settle their differences in the Octagon tomorrow night.

Phil Baroni
Phil Baroni on his opponent Curtis Stout…
I know he thinks he’s pretty tough and I’m gonna show him that he’s not…that he’s not such a good fighter…not as good as he thinks he is. 

On how he sees the fight going…
There’s gonna be punishment. Beatin’ him up real bad and him tappin’, not being able to take it. I don’t think he’s ever been hit the way I hit.

You predict a tap out instead of a knockout?
Well, if he’s lucky, I’ll knock him out, if not he’s gonna get punished–he’ll probably get knocked out, I don’t know, we’ll see. I think if I hit him once and he doesn’t go out, he’s gonna look to tap.

There looks to be some bad blood between you, what caused that?
He made a couple of comments on the computer that I’m gonna make him pay for.



Curtis Stout
Curtis Stout on Baroni…
I know he talks a lot of trash, I know he’s a body builder, male stripper…he’s Mr. Fabulous…that’s pretty much it, he talks a lot, we’ll see if he can live up to his trash talk. 

About the friction with Baroni…
Everyone on The Underground and the Internet knows he’s been talking trash about me…I respect everybody, I’m tryin’ to act like a professional, but he goes off and says he’s gonna smash me like he’s the Incredible Hulk and all of this steroid induced quotes. But I come here to fight, I’m here to have fun. He said he’s ready to die–whatever that means–I told ’em I’m not ready to die, I’m just ready to get in there and have some fun and mix it up…I’m plannin’ to come out on top.

On how he sees the fight going…
Since he’s bigger than me, he’s probably a lot stronger than me, he’s gonna use his wrestling skills to take me down and ground and pound me, but I’m prepared for that, I’ve worked out with a lot of big wrestlers…I plan to use my Thai skills to mess up his legs and my boxing skills to mix it up with him…I hear he’s a pretty good boxer so it should be an exciting fight.

Are you primarily a stand-up fighter?
Actually no, I feel comfortable on the ground…I think if he makes a mistake on the ground from all his swinging–which he probably will–I think I can catch him in a submission hold, that’s my plan.

Frank Shamrock and Kaoru Uno
At the Fighter/Manager meeting later in the evening, it was announced that Frank Shamrock [pictured here with Kaoru Uno] would be joining the broadcast team with Jeff Blatnick and Mike Goldberg. Former UFC champions Mark Coleman and Mark Kerr showed up for the meeting, this is Kerr’s first time attending a UFC since he and the old organization had a parting of the ways some three and a half years ago. Former Heavyweight Champion Kevin Randleman is also in town for the show.

Yesterday we brought you Jeremy Horn’s thoughts on his opponent from “down under”,Elvis Sinosic; today, we bring you Elvis’ thoughts…

Elvis Sinosic
Elvis on his training background…
I’ve been doing martial arts for years, I’ve just about done everything, but currently I’m training in Machado Jiu-Jitsu and some Thai boxing. 

On his opponent…
I know Jeremy is very experienced fighter, he’s one of the new genertion of well-rounded fighters along the lines of Frank Shamrock, he’s got skills in all areas…so he’s one of those fighters that’s very hard to create a game plan against. He can get in there…he can do stand-up, he can get on the ground and grapple; so, it’s really hard to take him out of his game.

How he sees the fight going…
I believe he wants to make it a stand-up fight, and I’m happy to do that for him…but I think the way these fights go, is that it’s gonna hit the ground eventually, so we’ll see what happens; he’s gonna decide where it goes, I’m happy to go either way.

Frank Shamrock and Kaoru Uno
We’ll leave you with a shot of Evan Tanner, Lorenzo Fertitta & Tito Ortiz and the middleweight belt.

Be sure to check back tomorrow, we’ll have quotes from Bobby Hoffman, Pedro Rizzo, and more!

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