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Saturday, Aug 25, 2001

Warrior’s Quest 2:battle Of The Champions

Warrior’s Quest 2:
Battle of the Champions

August 25, 2001
Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
By Chris Onzuka – Chris@onzuka.com

All 3 Jesus Is Lord Team Captains Win!

Brennan Kamaka and crew definitely had their share of the "promoter’s life" for this event. From starting off with a solid card, replacements and injuries stripped the card down, causing matches to be shuffled and new fighters brought in. One thing is for sure, the parts that are in their control are improving. For instance, Kamaka added two Jumbotron big screens for better viewing, a light show, a DJ and brought in Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell to attend the event. The weigh-ins and press conference were even situated as to build anticipation for the bouts by seating all the fighters on a "U" shaped table, each fighter facing his opponent directly across him. This allowed attendees to size up the fighters for each match. With the exception of Bozo Palling’s quick triangle submission of Antonio Banuelos, there were no easy fights on this night. The event climaxed with the last two main event matches. Ron Jhun and Pete Spratt had a war to end all wars. Both fighters gave everything they had in one of the best fights ever in Hawaii. Both fighters had each other on the brink of a knock out, taking turns stunning each other with hard punches. After that war, Jeremy Williams caused Bradda Cooper to continually search for a way to pass his guard. Bradda Cooper opened up some space and did what he does best, knock people out. Cooper landed some hard punches to the head of Williams, causing Williams to crumble and cover up, ending the fight. If anyone had any doubts about Ron Jhun and Ray Cooper being invited to the UFC, these fights should have cleared them. Full coverage of the event will be in the next FCF. Subscribe now!

Yagin attempts an armbar on Mederios

  • 170lbs:
    Jay R. Palmer 161.0 lbs def. Cisco Bringas 166.6 lbs
    Unanimous Decision [(20-18), (20-18), (20-18)] after 2 rounds

  • 146lbs:
    Eddie Yagin 145.4 lbs def. Russell Mederios 144.4 lbs
    Unanimous Decision [(20-17), (20-18), (20-18)] after 2 rounds

  • 185lbs:
    Bob "Bob-O" Ostovich 183.0 lbs def. Jason Von Flue 184.6 lbs
    Submission via heel hook at 1:48 into round 1

  • 170lbs:
    Dennis Asche 168.5 lbs def. Jason Dacquel 163.0 lbs
    Submission via rear strangle at 2:57 into round 2


  • 140lbs:
    Stephen "Bozo" Palling 140.1 lbs def. Antonio Banuelos 139.0 lbs
    Submission via triangle at 0:38 into round 1

  • 185lbs:
    Ronald "Machine Gun" Jhun 178.8 lbs def. Pete Spratt 176.6 lbs
    Referee stoppage from punches at 4:36 into round 3

  • 170lbs:
    Ray "Bradda" Cooper 168.2 lbs def. Jeremy Williams 170.0 lbs
    Referee stoppage from punches from the guard at 3:16 into round 1

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