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Monday, May 28, 2001

Warrior’s Quest

Warrior’s Quest
May 29, 2001 – Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
By Michael Onzuka – Mike@onzuka.com

Everyone that was present at the weigh-ins and rules clinic made weight rather easily. The weigh-ins were held at Players Sports Bar on Alakea Street, the former home of the only venue to watch the UFC live. I say former because once again, Hawaii fight fans are without a location to see the UFC or tape delayed Pride events. Brennan Kamaka has put together quite a card in his move to the big time Blaisdell Arena featuring one of Hawaii’s most exciting fighters Ray "Bradda" Cooper taking another very tough fight against Antonio McKee.

Kamaka has almost every big name local fighter in this event it should rival or exceed other big events, at least on paper. He has a mix of professional and amateur fights, which will give a lot of inexperienced fighters a lot of pressure to perform in front of a sizable crowd. A couple of card changes were expected, but everything seems in order as of yesterday afternoon. There was going to be a women’s bout, but one of the ladies pulled out so Brennan is trying to locate an opponent to add another fight to the card. UFC veteran, Todd Medina and a couple of the other mainland fighters, along with my brother Chris who was coming back from covering an event in Maui, were stuck in transit or at the airport and could not weigh in. The fights start at 7:30 pm and Hawaii fans will get their fix until another event rolls around.


Lightweight Championship (167 lb. Class)

Ray "Bradda" Copper (Jesus Is Lord, Hawaii) 164 lbs.
Antonio "Anthony" McKee (Combat Grappling) 165 lbs.

Middleweight Championship (180 lb. Class)
Ronald "The Machine Gun" Jhun (Jesus Is Lord, Hawaii) 180 lbs.
Joe "Wonder Boy" Stevenson (Combat Grappling) 174 lbs.

Pro 143 lb. Class
Stephen "Bozo" Palling (Jesus Is Lord, Hawaii) 137 lbs.
Cruz Gomes (SLO-Kickboxing) No weight

Pro 195 lb. Class
Falaniko Vitale (Grappling Unlimited) 193 lbs.
Todd "The Shark" Medina (Carlson Gracie Fight Team) No weight

Pro 180 lb. Class
Bob Ostovich (Jesus Is Lord, Hawaii) 179 lbs.
Thomas "The Wildman" Denny (Team Wildman) 175 lbs.

Main Card
Pro 155 lb. Class

David Padilla (Jesus Is Lord, Hawaii) 150 lbs.
Juan Ayala (Team Medina) No weight

Pro 160 lb. Class
Andy Wang (Grappling Unlimited/RAW) 159 lbs.
J.R. Palmer (Universal Rough Housing) No weight

Amateur Featherweight Championship (145 lb. Class)
Eddie Yagin (Freelance) 142 lbs.
Russell Mederios (Jesus Is Lord) 143 lbs.

Amateur 175 lb. Class
Kolo Koka (SWAT) No weight
Raymond Pintor 164 lbs.

Amateur 205 lb. Class
Zack Pang (Freelance) 190 lbs.
Clement Helemanu (Freelance) 203 lbs.

Amateur 130 lb. Class
Jerry Samson (Jesus is Lord) 125 lbs.
Daniel Largets (Freelance) 125 lbs.

Warriors of the New Millennium III – Results
Lahaina Civic Center, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii – May 27, 2001
By Chris Onzuka – Chris@Onzuka.com

Maui fight fans came to the old historic whaling town of Lahaina to see the third installment of Warriors of the New Millennium. As I have written before, problems constantly plague promoters, and this event was no different. Due to some last minute cancellations that would have caused the event to be cut in half, the promoters quickly scrambled to fill in spots and put on a show that would keep Maui fight fans satisfied. And I think they did it. The night ended up being a night of heavyweights, as the heavyweight tournament was the only tournament that was held. Luckily, heavyweights are associated with big blows that draw excitement sheerly because of the poundage of beef in the ring at one time unloading their biggest punches. And this night was no different. Every one of the heavyweights had one thing in mind…to knock off their opponent’s head. This made for some exciting matches. In the single fights the Brazilians dominated with wins by Gustavo Monteiro and Ricardo Barros, both by KNOCK OUT. When was the last time that you heard two BJJ guys winning by knock out? Below are the results, pick up the next issue of Full Contact Fighter for full coverage.

Heavyweight Semi-Finals – Match #1
2 Rounds – 5 minutes

Anthony Billianetl (Siyuja-Wailuku) def. Walter Dudoit (Grappling Unlimited)
Referee stoppage at 2:17 minutes in Round 1

Heavyweight Semi-Finals – Match #2
2 Rounds – 5 minutes

Shaun De Santos (North Shore, Oahu) def. Paulino Vervosa (BFJJ)
Verbal submission by Vervosa at 2:18 minutes in Round 1

Middleweight Championship
2 Rounds – 5 minutes

Gustavo Monteiro (Qudici) def. Erimin Ferguson (BFJJ)
KO from punches at 3:26 minutes in Round 1

Lightweight Championship
2 Rounds – 5 minutes

Gary Freitas (Grappling Unlimited) def. Tyson Coloma’naooikaika (BFJJ)
Submission via guillotine at 1:20 minutes in Round 2

Heavyweight Finals
2 Rounds – 5 minutes

Shaun De Santos (North Shore, Oahu) def. Anthony Billianetl (Siyuja-Wailuku)
Submission by tap out due to exhaustion at 4:55 minutes in Round 1

Exhibition Submission Only Grappling Match
2 Rounds – 5 minutes

Alan Saldanha (Team Tiger) drew Sydney Batista (BFJJ)
Draw due to no submission

Super Fight #1
3 Rounds – 5 minutes

Kim Morishita (BFJJ) def. Jay R. Palmer (Universal Rough Housing)
Submission via inverted key lock (Kimura) at 2:05 minutes in Round 1

Main Event – Super Fight #2
3 Rounds – 5 minutes

Ricardo Barros (BFJJ) def. Augie Padaken (Waianae Boxing Gym)
Submission via tap out due to punches from the mount at 2:05 minutes in Round 1

From the event’s promoter:

Hughes Headlines Extreme Challenge 40

Extreme Challenge poster
      Matt Hughes, one of the world’s top-ranked welterweight fighters, will return to his roots on June 16 to headline Extreme Challenge 40 outside at the Multi-Purpose Arena in Springfield, Ill.
      Hughes, a veteran of UFC, WEF, RINGS and many other events, is from nearby Hillsboro, Ill. He will face Scott Bills of Orlando, Fla., also a veteran of WEF and Extreme Challenge events, in the show’s main event.
      "It’s always nice to go home and compete in front of your friends and family," Hughes said. "I know Bills is a good fighter who comes from a solid camp, so I’m expecting an exciting fight."
      Hughes trains at the Miletich Martial Arts Center, which boasts former UFC world champion Pat Miletich and current UFC title holder Jens Pulver. Bills trains with Team Rival, which includes Din Thomas and Paul Rodriguez.
      The site for Extreme Challenge 40 is a 5,000-seat rodeo facility at the state fairgrounds. Gates open at 5 p.m. with the first bout at 6 p.m.
      A total of 12 bouts are scheduled, featuring many of the top fighters from around the area.
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