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Sunday, Jun 30, 2002

Wfa Championship Level 2 Press Release

From the event’s promoter:

German Slugger Chalid Arrab Replaces
Injured Paul Cahoon to face
Marvin "the Beastman" Eastman

WFA logo
      (Las Vegas, Nevada, July 1st) German boxing champ and mixed martial artist Chalid Arrab will now face local Las Vegas fighter Marvin "the Beastman" Eastman at the July 5th WFA Champions Level 2 show. Stepping up to the plate to replace injured teammate Paul Cahoon, Arrab brings with him a pair of powerful hands — and a boxing career over a decade long. Does the Beastman have what it takes to come out on top?
      "I’m happy to have Chalid on the show," says co-promoter John Lewis. "I originally wanted him on the card somewhere. This guy can bang!" Lewis and the WFA wish Cahoon, who suffered a back injury during training, a speedy recovery.
      The rest of the card is remains intact — and stacked with talent ready to explode. Add to this mix the ladies, lights, and sounds you’d find in any hot nightclub, and you’ve got the makings of a night to remember.
      Don’t miss out on the battle of East versus West! Ticket prices range from $35 for standing room only (at the back bars — where some of the fighters will be mingling), with seating at $60, $80, $100, $150 and $200. Click here for a very detailed seating map. Though the highly coveted VIP couches in the mezzanine are sold out, fans will have the opportunity to enjoy the show from above via the $1000 VIP tables still available along the balcony (5 seats each, with waitress service and a direct view down at the cage). To purchase tickets, contact the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino box office at (702) 693-5000, go to any Ticket Master location, or visit www.TicketMaster.com.
      For those in need of an available place to stay, as the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is sold out, click here for some choices.
      Visit the WFA’s official web site for exclusive interviews and bio information on the Playas (www.wfa.tv). For more event info, please contact Paula Romero, WFA Event Coordinator, at WFA Press@aol.com.

Pulver Wins Again…
but Unknown Opponent Makes it Difficult

      FRIDLEY, Minn. — Call it surprising… or shocking… or unexpected. But make no mistake about it, the Jens Pulver-Robert Emerson bout at the Ultimate Wrestling event was anything but boring!
Jens Pulver on top of Robert Emerson
      Pulver, the only 155-pound champion in UFC history, got a much tougher test than most fans would have expected Saturday night, but captured a unanimous decision victory over Emerson in a 15-minute bout that featured solid standup fighting from both competitors.
      "Let me tell you," Pulver said. "That kid (Emerson) has some skills… he’s going to be somebody in this sport."
      Although just 20 years old, Emerson showed amazing willpower, twice getting up after knockdowns to continue his toe-to-toe battle with Pulver. Using his kickboxing background, Emerson kept Pulver off-balance with low and high kicks.
      Pulver (26-2-1) marched forward throughout the bout, and landed the harder shots. And although Emerson appeared hurt on a couple of occasions, he rallied to stay in the bout and give Pulver a difficult time.
      Conditions at the event (it was over 100 degrees and humid) hindered the bouts as the mat was slippery and wet throughout the event. It prevented fighters from planting their feet and adding power to their blows. One the mat, fighters slid around freely.
      "I know this went to a decision, but I didn’t hear anybody booing," Pulver said. "I tried my best to knock him out… and he tried to do the same to me… but it just wasn’t meant to be… I think the people who saw it know we both gave it our best."
      The crowd was very appreciative of the efforts… loud applause during and after each round made it clear the fans were enjoying the show.
      Pulver’s wrestling ability enabled him to earn all the takedowns in the match, but not too much damage was done on the ground.
      According to his camp, Emerson (5-1) was recovering from an injured shoulder. But you couldn’t tell it from his effort. Despite his first loss, the Marco Ruas-trained fighter is sure to move up the ranks in the very near future.
      Pulver, meanwhile, is setting his sights on his Aug. 8 UFO bout in Tokyo. His opponent has not yet been determined.
      "I wasn’t in the best shape, but I didn’t want to peak for this fight, then start again for the UFO fight," Pulver said. "If I had known Emerson was going to be this tough, or that it would be 120 degrees in here, I probably would have trained a little more."
      Pulver was cornered by UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes, UFC star Robbie Lawler and undefeated Jason Black… all from the Miletich Martial Arts Academy. Ruas and Debbie Purcell were in the corner for Emerson.
Jens Pulver

From the event’s promoter:

Announces American Qualifiers!

5th Submission Wrestling World
Championships Scheduled For 2003

      The ADCC continues to plan the 5th SUBMISSION WRESTLING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS for March or April of 2003. The Combat Club has received applications to host the event from literally all over the world, but a final decision is still pending. There appear to be three front runners: Brazil, a surprise location, and back in Abu Dhabi. Only time will tell, as the ADCC weighs the options.
      What is certain, is that HOOKnSHOOT will once again host the AMERICAN QUALIFIERS. An HnS spokesperson stated ‘we used to spread the tournaments over the course of a year, with our Mixed Martial Arts show. This year, we wanted to host all five of the qualifying tournaments in one day, to give it more of the feel of the real event. We will also move from our home of Evansville, Indiana to southern California – to a venue in San Diego, California that we are working on.
      The selection process for these amateur tournaments will remain the same as in years past. The tournaments are amateur tournaments, with the winner receiving an invitation to the prestigious SUBMISSION WRESTLING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. Applicants who can get to San Diego in October to compete will be reviewed by the ADCC, with the tournament
lineups being announced near event time, and the brackets in the days before. The best way to get into the tournaments is to send a tape application.
      ‘The competitors that qualified really made an impact, the Americans and the Brazilians and Australians all did. There are only two ways to assure you get into the SUBMISSION WRESTLING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: you have to have won the world championship the event before, or you can win a qualifier.’ continues the spokesman.
      ‘We will be sealing up the deal with our venue in San Diego in the coming days, and then we will work full blast on promoting the event’ states HnS’ man in San Diego, Barry Meyer. ‘We expect to also announce a grappling event around the qualifiers, for younger competitors and kids. We are going to create a real good atmosphere.’
      To apply for the AMERICAN QUALIFIERS, send tape to:

PO BOX 124
Maugansville MD 21767-0124

Apply by E-Mail: migueli@pa.net. (Please address the subject as AMERICAN QUALIFIERS)


1st: For the 2000 event.

  • 65.9 KG & under: n/a
  • 66-76.9 KG: Dennis Hallman
  • 77-87.9 KG: Dave Menne
  • 88-98.9 KG: Travis Lutter
  • 99 KG & Up: Rodrigo ‘Minotauro’ Nogeuira

2nd: For the 2001 event.

  • 65.9 KG & under: Mike Cardoso
  • 66-76.9 KG: Matt Serra
  • 77-87.9 KG: Travis Lutter
  • 88-98.9 KG: Marc Laimon
  • 99 KG & Up: Roger Neff

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