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Tuesday, Dec 28, 2021

What Makes Miesha Tate And Ketlen Vieira so Exciting?

Vieira and Tate (right)(image via UFC/YouTube)

In the world of UFC, there is never a dull moment. With fights set to thrill audiences, there are some bouts that are more exciting than others. One such bout was that between Miesha Tate and Ketlen Vieira. The much-anticipated fight had already been delayed thanks to Covid so when it finally came around on 20th November the anticipation had reached boiling point.

What is it about these two fighters that leads to such a great show for the spectators? How are they able to draw such a crowd and what can we expect from them going forward? That’s what we’ll be looking at here.

A VIP experience

Casinos are famed for the VIP experience that they offer. This sees members receiving a host of benefits that regular players never get to see. There are even lol esports events that can see spectators getting the VIP treatment. What’s the relevance here you may wonder? Well, Tate is a fighter who deserves to be treated like a VIP.

Her past performances mean that she is a star in her field. A return from retirement has given her the opportunity to shine again and to show fans and fighters alike that she still has the ability to take on the best and to win.

How Tate’s fighting style brings in the crowds

Tate has always been respected for her fighting style. Having entered UFC from the Strikeforce scene (where she was bantamweight champion) she was instantly respected for her knowledge of ground-based fighting. With extensive experience gained from the likes of wrestling and jiu-jitsu, Tate earned herself the nickname ‘Takedown’.

It is perhaps the grounding in wrestling that Tate has to thank for her victories. She has always been respected and feared in equal measure for her double leg takedowns. Her wrestling experience meant that she had superior strength and skill when it comes to the groundwork side of UFC

How Vieira approached the fight with Tate

Vieira had only just entered UFC as Tate had retired. That meant that she had long been a fan and admired her work, but she never thought that the day would come where they would be facing each other in the cage. Vieira had quickly developed a reputation for herself and became respected as one the best in UFC. In fact, 2021 saw her ranking within the top 10 fighters.

Vieira went into the fight with the deepest respect held for Tate. In her view, Tate had always retired too early and she saw the chance of facing her as an honour and a privilege. Not so much an honour that wasn’t going to give the fight of her life though!

A fight like no other

The Vieira vs Tate fight saw both women going into the ring with something to prove. For Tate, it may have been more about proving her capabilities to herself. For Vieira, it was about propelling her name forward and giving herself the chance to have a shot at the title.

The fight was a gruelling one and was the very first time that Vieira has gone the full distance without a takedown. With a decision win going her way, it may not have been the prettiest or most decisive of victories but a win is a win. Vieira walked away from the fight with her respect for Tate intact. Having been on the receiving end of what Tate delivers, there is little choice but to be respectful!

Strength like no other

Many were amazed at the ability of Vieira to withstand the punishing blows and attacks that Tate sent her way. For Vieira, she doesn’t see this as an issue and simply shrugs it off. She puts it down to her upbringing in a tough part of Brazil where you learn to fight before you can even walk.

What both Vieira and Tate have shown is that they have a unique fighting style. They are fighting for the wins and not just in the hope of going the distance. The sheer determination shown by the two means that any fight that are involved in will always draw in the crowds. 

posted by FCF Staff @ 10:20 am
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