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Monday, Jul 31, 2000

Win A $75 Shopping Spree From Fcf!!!

Win a $75 Shopping Spree From FCF!!!

Pride 10 Poster
aka PRIDE 10

Pride 10 is less than a month away, the debates are heating up on who will win. One lucky/skillful pugilistic prognosticator will win a $75 shopping Spree from FCF…That’s 75 bucks worth of gear, videos, whatever you want from the FCF Shop. All ya gotta do is guess the future.

Hurry! Entries must be made by 6:00 pm (U.S. Eastern time) August 3, 2000.

The results of the survey and some of the commentary we receive will appear in the August 2000 issue of FCF

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2000 World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships Results

Story by Chris Onzuka
Results courtesy of Brian Cimins at www.grapplers.com

Well, here it is for you Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fanatics, the results of the 2000 World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships thanks to our friend Brian Cimins of the Grapplers Quest and Grapplers.com. It looks like our FCF correspondent, and my brother, Mike Onzuka has gone MIA (missing in action). After his Day 2 report, he has not gotten in touch with anybody here and let us know how he and Kaleo Hosaka did in their matches. Their names are not in the top three, so I know they didn’t win the thing. Oh well, it is the salt mines in a third world country for the both of them. Enjoy the results.

One of the champions that we have to mention is BJ Penn, who won the Pena class (under 147 lbs.) in the Black Belt division, the class Royler Gracie has dominated since the first Mundial in 1996. Don’t get ahead of yourselves, Royler was unable to compete because of a bad injury. He announced his withdrawal from the tournament weeks before it. The crazy thing is BJ was awarded his black belt on the Monday before the Mundial. He prepared himself to compete in the Brown Belt division. He is the first Non-Brazilian to win a World BJJ Championship in the Black Belt division. Another note about BJ is that he placed second in the 1998 Mundial in the Blue Belt division. He has attained a black belt in a little over four years and is a World champion as a black belt, proving that it is well-deserved. You better believe that we will catch up with BJ and FCF readers will enjoy the fruits of our labor…and his.

2000 Mundials
World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships Results

Final Team Results:

  1. Barra Gracie
  2. Nova Uniao
  3. Alliance
  4. Gracie Humaita

Black Belt Division Finals Results

  • Up to 55Kg: Omar Salum def. Marcelo Pereira
  • Up to 61Kg: Robson Moura def. Marcos Parrumpinha
  • Up to 67 Kg: BJ Penn* def. Edson Diniz
    *(Nova Uniao, received his Black Belt Monday)

  • Up to 73 Kg: Vitor Shaolin def. Marcio Feitosa
  • Up to 79 Kg: Fernando Tererê def. Nino Schembri
  • Up to 85 Kg: Roberto Roleta def. Fernando Margarida
  • Up to 91Kg: Fabio Gurgel def. Ricardo Arona
  • Up to 97 Kg: Saulo Ribeiro def. Daniel Simoes
  • Above 97 Kg: Leonardo Leite def. Aurelio Marques

Black Belt (Open Division):

  1. Rodrigo Medeiros (Alliance)
  2. Fernando Margarida (Godoi Macaco)
  3. Leo Leite (Alliance)

Brown Belt
    1. Bernardo Petel (Nova Uniao)
    2. Joelson Venancio (Gracie Barra)
    3. Ricardo Brandao (Carlson)
    1. Gabriel Cardoso (Alliance)
    2. Ricardo Vieira (Alliance)
    3. Jorge Arrigone (Gracie Barra)
    1. Pablo Rodrigo (Infight)
    2. Reinaldo Reis (Alliance)
    3. Andre Ushirobira (Nova Uniao)
    1. Gustavo Correa (Gracie Humaita)
    2. Adriano Lucio (Bra Top Team)
    3. Andre Bastos (Nova Uniao)
    1. Bruno Fernandes (Gracie Barra)
    2. Rodrigo Pinheiro (Oswaldo Alves)
    3. Cristiano Marcelo (Gracie Tijuca)
Meio Pesado
    1. Alexandre Ribeiro (Gracie Humaita)
    2. Vinicios Antunes (Gracie Barra)
    3. Roger Coelho (Godoi Macaco)
    1. Carlos Alberto Santos (Carlson)
    2. Walter Pinto (Alexei Cruz)
    3. Garth Taylor

Purple Belt
    1. Arlisson Melo (Nova Uniao)
    2. Felipe Alvarenga (Carlson Gracie)
    3. Bruno Senna (Nova Uniao)
    1. Marcelino Freitas (Nova Uniao)
    2. Otavio Vianna (Nova Uniao
    3. Laercio Lima (Lotus Club)
    1. Marco Joca (Gracie Barra)
    2. Thiago Fernandes (Nova Uniao)
    3. Adolfo Nardy (Infight)
    1. Daniel Correa (Gracie Humaita)
    2. Joao Rangel (Gracie Barra)
    3. Rafael Dias (Brazilian Top Team)
    1. Marcelo Garcia (Alliance)
    2. Luiz Fernandes (Carlson)
    3. Alexandre Maia (Gracie Barra)

Meio Pesado:
    1. Demian Maia (Alliance)
    2. Gustavo Santos (Gracie Barra)
    3. Rafael Hambert (Brazilian Top Team)
    1. Fernando Penadeda (Brazilian Top Team)
    2. Rodrigo Asmus (Gracie Barra)
    3. Travis Lutter (Machado JJ)
Super Pesado:
    1. Leopoldp Augusto (Oswaldo Alves)
    2. Emy Bussade (Brazilian Top Team)
    3. Caio Otavio (Carlson)
    1. Francisco Fernandes (Gracie Barra)
    2. Claudio Daniel (Brites Family)
    3. Carlos Eduardo ( Gracie Humaita)

Blue Belt (Adults)
    1. Eduardo dos Santos (Oswaldo Alves)
    2. Fabiano Silva (Gracie Barra)
    3. Hudson Rocha (Carlson Gracie)
    1. Armando Guedes (Nova Uniao)
    2. Frederico Mazala (Nova Uniao)
    3. Thiago Bastos (Brazilian Top Team)
    1. Mario Reis (Brazilian Top Team)
    2. Michel Maia (Nova Uniao)
    3. Wagner Nascimento (Strauch)
    1. Rodrigo Abreu (Gracie Barra)
    2. Leonardo Pecanha (Nova Uniao)
    3. Gabriel Vieira (Oswaldo Alves)
    1. Leonardo Souza (Nova Uniao)
    2. Joseph D’arce (Gracie Barra)
    3. Igor Gracie (Gracie Barra)
Meio Pesado:
    1. Roger Gracie (Gracie Barra)
    2. Rafael Mota (Cia Paulista)
    3. Daniel Choropin (Gracie Barra Australia)
    1. Fionavante Neto (Carlson Gracie)
    2. Fabio Souza (Paulo Theod)
    3. Rodrigo Botti (Alliance)
Super Pesado:
    1. Fabricio Verdum (Barreto)
    2. Andre Gusmao (Nova Uniao)
    3. Richard Santos (Gracie Barra)

    1. Eugenio Neto (infight)
    2. Mero Nascimento (Brazlian Top team)
    3. Danilo Maluf (Alliance)
    –  Fabricio Verdun

Blue Belt (Juniors)
Division 1(galo)
    1. Rafael Duarte (Nova Uniao)
    2. Diogo Dutra (Oswaldo Alves)
Division 2(pluma)
    1. Joao Eduardo (Carlson Gracie)
    2. Paulo Sergio (Nova Uniao)
Division 3 (pena)
    1. Celso Vinicios (Gracie Barra)
    2. Bruno Becco (Gracie Humaita
Division 4 (leve)
    1. Augusto Lopes (Kioto)
    2. Henrique Santos (Oswaldo Alves)
Division 5 (medio)
    1. Erick Santos (Nova Uniao)
    2. Tarsys Humpreys (Alliance)
Division 6 (meio pesado)
    1. Fabricio prantera (Carlson Gracie)
    2. Felipe Varella (Gracie Humaita)
Division 7 (pesado)
    1. Diogo Jose (Gabas)
    2. Ricardo Abreu (Nova Uniao)
Division 7 (Super Pesado)
    1. Bruno Mathias (Alliance)
    2. Luizmar Otavio (Sol Vermelho)
Division 8 (Pesadissimo)
    1. Luiz Felipe (Maromba)
    2. Ramon Rosa (Carlson Gracie)

Women’s Reults
    1. Daniela Figueiredo (Alliance)
    2. Renata Yoshil (Cia Paulista)
    1. Leticia Ribeiro (Gracie Humaita)
    2. Alessandra Ribeiro (Rato)
    1. Alessandro Oliveira (Alliance)
    2. Neli Miranda (Gracie Humaita)
    1. Renata Pimentel (Ricardo Pinho)
    2. Tatiana Taguini (Alliance)
Meio Pesado:

    1. Erika Paes (Oswaldo Alves)
    2. Maria do Carmo (Gracie Humaita)

From the event’s promoter:

Xtreme Combat Submission Championships

Saturday Sept. 9th, 2000 11:00 (Registration/Weigh-ins 8:30-10:30)

John Slidell Recreation Center
105 Robert Rd., Slidell, Louisiana

5 weight categories (men’s divisions)

Plus an Open/Absolute division for the Xtreme Combat Submission Championship Title Belt

For an invitation which includes rules and regulations contact:
Rob Braniff / Xtreme Entertainment
(504)847-0660 e-mail: TAPOUT6@aol.com

or visit: www.XTREMEFIGHT.com

From Susumu’s Gallery:

Shooto Pictures


Susumu’s Gallery has added 30 pictures from a Shooto event held on July 22nd in Tokyo.

Please enjoy!

By the way, it is the hottest season in Tokyo now.


HOOKnSHOOT Press Release:


On July 22,nd, 2000 HOOKnSHOOT in Evansville, Indiana hosted the first
American Qualifier for the 2001 Submission Wrestling World Championships. "This is our second year hosting these tournaments, and we have to say that the first year of was a great success. This year, we kicked off the series with a new weight class, the under 65.9 KG " states promoter Jeff Osborne.

As expected, the little guys were fast paced and exciting "We were impressed with the whole field. Last year we didn’t have one at 145 lbs. We were afraid we wouldn’t get enough applicants. This year proved us wrong" continues Osborne.

Mike Cardosa, a Jiu Jitsu stylist from Miami, Florida conquered the eight man field on July 22nd to come away with the trophy and the invitation to Abu Dhabi.


"The tapes are in to the Abu Dhabi Combat Club, we have made our recommendations. The final invites will be out soon" states promoter Jeff Osborne. "The field will be awesome if it holds. We have nearly 20 solid applicants. There are a lot of good reputations too that are stepping up – we have always hoped these events will take grappling to a new level in the United States, and with this level of competition, we
feel we are heading in the right direction"
continues HnS guru Osborne.

Look for the complete lineup to be announced closer to the August 19th HOOKnSHOOT TRIUMPH event.

"We have tournaments in all the other weight classes, like last year. The best way to be considered is to send a tape for review" states Osborne. HOOKnSHOOT is now taking tapes for the following three tournaments:

SEPTEMBER 16th, 2000 – 88-98.9 KG Class (Date changed from 9/23)
NOVEMBER 11th, 2000 – 77-87.9 KG Class
DECEMBER 2000 – 99 KG & up Class


PO BOX 124
Maugansville MD 21767-0124

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