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Wednesday, Aug 11, 2004

Women In Mma: Part Ii

Women in MMA: Part II
Jeff Osborne on the state of women’s MMA and his Nov. 6 women’s HOOKnSHOOT event
By Joe Hall

FCF:   Why haven’t you done a women’s show since "Revolution"?
JO:     To be honest, the DVD tanked the first eight or nine months. I was just disappointed and disenchanted with the whole thing. We did throw a women’s match here and a match there. We were trying to get two on every card. We did a few cards like that, but I just got to thinking all these women are fading away. Christine Van Fleet joined an elite group in the military; Debi Purcell is pursuing things overseas; Judy Neff was injured. All the top stars were kind of slacking off. As soon as that show was over, people were starting to disappear, and I just didn’t think I’d ever be able to do it again. And now, all this emerged and it just went crazy. It just happened all of a sudden, and I have never been more pumped for a show like I am now. It’s over three months away, and I’m having trouble sleeping at night because this is all I think about.

FCF:   How do you think women’s MMA has progressed since "Revolution"?
JO:     For that being the first women’s show … I think their skill level was beyond what the men’s was at the first several UFCs. I think it’s going to be a lot better this time. A lot of the women are really excelling at grappling, and on this show I think you’re going to be surprised. In the (main event bouts), the women are very strong, very in-shape and very heavy with their hands and feet. I think it’s definitely progressed. There’s always room for improvement in anything, including men and women.

FCF:   A few weeks ago you announced the main event, Megumi Fuji versus Erica Montoya.
JO:     Yeah, I’m looking at three or four main event type matches. Megumi Fuji is somewhat of a celebrity in Japan. She does pro wrestling; she does Smack Girl; she’s also a national sambo champion and has won all kinds of tournaments in grappling. Of course, Erica Montoya is one of the best female grapplers in the world, and she’s much more experienced in MMA, so that’s going to be interesting.

FCF:   You’ve mentioned the outside interest in the November women’s show. Tell me about Playboy’s interest.
JO:     They didn’t think it was real. Of course, they’ve seen all the catfighting and the fake women’s apartment wrestling. The people who have gotten the ("Revolution") DVD and have watched it are just amazed. In fact, there’s a film being made right now about women in boxing and just for research, a guy in Hollywood got "Revolution" and was floored. He said before he knew it, there were 20 or 30 people over at his house watching this thing, and they couldn’t believe that it was real. And that these women were real people; they’re educated, they’re intelligent, and they’re from every walk of life. Playboy is more than likely going to do something. Femme Fatale magazine, which is like a women in powerful roles in Hollywood (type of publication). Like Halle Berry, I think, was just on the cover for Catwoman, stuff like that. They just did a DVD review (of "Revolution") and I think it got a pretty positive review.

FCF:   How did Playboy and these other magazines contact you?
JO:     I was just told to send everything I could to one of the editors. I don’t count on anything until it actually (happens). Like the Femme Fatale thing, he just e-mailed me the other day and said they have a DVD review coming out. I wasn’t even aware of it. I just made sure he got the package I sent. Hopefully it sells some DVDs, so I can raise money for the show.

FCF:   You also said MTV was interested in the upcoming show. Who contacted you on their behalf?
JO:     I believe it was a guy named Brandon, and I believe he helped produce some of the "Real World" or was somewhat involved in some of the "Real World" production. He had e-mailed me a couple months back, saying they were working on a project and they wanted to attend the women’s show and get a behind-the-scenes look at things, and possibly cast for an upcoming television show. But I haven’t had much communication with him in the last three or four weeks. Whether or not it happens ….

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