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Wednesday, Mar 25, 2020

Dana White Says “You Can’t Hide” From The Coronavirus, UFC Will “March On”

Dana White (photo via UFC)

By FCF Staff

Dana White continues to say that the UFC is going to find a way to hold events in the coming weeks, despite the ongoing, coronavirus pandemic. While that plan has been criticized by some observers, White believes there are only so many precautions that can be taken in the face of the virus.

Recently the UFC was forced to postpone its March 11th, 28th and April 11th cards due to restrictions enacted to battle the pandemic. White has insisted that the April 18th, UFC 249 card will take place, however, and he also hopes to resume the promotion’s operations soon.

While talking with Yahoo Sports’ Kevin Iole recently, White would not confirm whether fighters would be tested for the coronavirus at upcoming events. The UFC President also said this (quote via MMA Fighting).

”Whether you’re a coronavirus expert or not, it’s like hiding from cancer,” White said. “You can’t hide from this thing. You can’t hide. If you are a high-risk person, this thing’s going to get you. What’s going to happen next flu season? This thing’s going to disappear? No, it’s going to come back, just like the flu. And if it’s what’s going to get you, it’s gonna get you. So I’ve had a great run. If the coronavirus is what’s going to get me, let’s do it. Bring it. I’m ready corona – come get me.”

“…Listen, 2019 was an incredible year for us. But hopefully we snap back from this. But regardless of what this state, this country or the rest of the world does, the UFC is going to march on, whether there’s fans in it, not there, or whatever. Me and my team will fight through this. We will hold our schedule this year. Every fighter, everybody that works for me will make money, get paid, and life will be as normal as possible.”

White has not announced where UFC 249 will be held, but recently he claimed he knows where the card will take place.

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