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Saturday, Apr 21, 2012

Five Finger Death Punch Delivers Telling Blow With Zoltan Bathory (Part 2)

Part 2 of Full Contact Fighter correspondent Scott Corl’s interview with Five Finger Death Punch rock guitarist and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and MMA enthusiast Zoltan Bathory.

To watch part 1 of the interview, CLICK HERE.

posted by FCF Staff @ 12:37 pm
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2 responses to “Five Finger Death Punch Delivers Telling Blow With Zoltan Bathory (Part 2)”

  1. Borhegyi Erzsibet says:

    I’m Hungarian too and my pride extends for me to be one of his greatest fans. Kuszunum Phoenix, Arizonabol!

    • Zita says:

      I just can’t imagine this kind and cute guy doing martial arts — although I knew his passion for it, but I never saw him practicing. (Actually I expected some more illustration watching this interview on a website for this kind of sports.) However, instead of a presentation of the current subject the speaker tries to fight the audience with his accent — OK, he’s won, I’m overcomed. 🙂 No offense: I only can guess from Jason’s gestures, he might explain the same topic of Zoltán never being agressive, however, for me is so much easier to understand Zoltán’s speach as to listen to native speakers who just swallow the half of every word (we Hungarians would never do that). So I absolutely love his way to speak (it always makes my day, sooo entertaining — please show me more of his talks), but I wonder, if there’s any body else besides us who can understand his words. Plz don’t get me wrong, I’m asking it as a linguist, ’cause I wonder, how could he have built up such an active and vivid English vocabulary without the correct pronunciation. (I never got the oppurtunity to live outside Hungary, so I just thought, it would make it easier to learn a foreign language’s pronunciacion when I once could manage to live abroad.) That’s the other reason why I try to follow every of his interviews: I’m curious about a learner’s development and I’m also jobwise interested in this topic — in a couple of days I just have to attend at an English job-interview.
      And first of all: I like 5FDP.