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Monday, Jun 22, 2015

Bellator 138: Ken Shamrock Responds to Claims That Loss to Kimbo Slice Was Fixed

Ken Shamrock

By FCF Staff

After losing being stopped by Kimbo Slice in the opening round at Bellator 138 on Friday, Ken Shamrock has posted a lengthy response to those who are questioning whether the bout was fixed.

Shamrock took Slice to the mat not long into Friday’s bout, and for a moment, it looked like he was going to finish the fight with a rear-naked-choke. Slice, however, managed to work his way out from the position, and proceeded to stop Shamrock with a few, cracking punches.

In response to the loss, and the reaction it received from some, Shamrock posted the following statement on Facebook:

Are you kidding me? Some people just can’t stand the truth. It seems like whatever I do there has to be some of you who just have to have a reason why things don’t go the way they expect. Things happen & I am very discouraged myself. I had the choke very deep & I made a rookie mistake. I tried to reset it after I saw him tap & that’s when I lost position. This was my fault. To set the record straight on the tap, John McCarthy made it clear in the rules meeting, that we were not to look to the referee for help. We were to do our job & he will do his. When Kimbo tapped, it was not my job to make that call. I should have continued putting that choke on until John stepped in. I did not, which was my fault. On top of that, it was a very weak tap. I thought he started to go out but I started to move in tighter on the choke instead of letting the choke work itself tighter as Kimbo moved. I wanted to win this fight very badly however it did not happen–that’s it, plain & simple.

I love what I do. I have been away from any combat activities for 7 yrs. I came into this fight very rusty, which was to be expected but I really believed I would still win even being rusty, Giving up 30lbs & being 51 with all that said I missed finishing him by a mistake– one that would not have happened if I had not taken so much time off out of the cage.

With all this said, I am very happy with my life & the way I live my life. My family supports me, my fans support me, & I will continue doing what make me & my fans happy– just as long as I can.


Recently, UFC commentator Joe Rogan also expressed his concern that Slice-Shamrock was fixed. Bellator commentator, Jimmy Smith, however, has made it clear on the “Underground” that he disagrees with the theory.

posted by FCF Staff @ 10:16 pm
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