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Saturday, Feb 18, 2012

Jessamyn Duke: Muay Thai Sensation, MMA Future Star

Twenty-five year old Muay Thai star Jessamyn Duke talks with Full Contact Fighter correspondent Scott Corl about her future in the world of MMA.

posted by FCF Staff @ 6:42 pm
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3 responses to “Jessamyn Duke: Muay Thai Sensation, MMA Future Star”

  1. Miguel says:

    I hope she is good, because her knowledge of women’s MMA is completely ignorant, there was at least 5 years of history with Good fighters before Carano and Cyborg.

    • John says:

      Really? You think her knowledge of women’s MMA is “completely” ignorant. She seems very intelligent and well spoken to me and is able to speak about the different games and strengths of some of the current female fight division. Her only comment to which you seem to be referring to was that Gina Carano really started the women’s MMA movement, which is true in the sense that no one cared shit about women’s MMA until she came along and helped to make it popular and make fans and promoters take notice. Debbie Purcell and Tara LaRossa were pioneers, but no one cared! It wasn’t until Gina came along with her good looks and ability to fight with great skill that people finally started to look at women in MMA. This is not opinion. It’s fact. Dana White himself HATED women’s MMA until the likes of Carano and Cyborg hit the field. Nice knee jerk reaction.

  2. km says:

    i think she a really good fighter think she would do really good if she turned pro. me n her may not of got along but i think she still a good fighter but hopefully she doesnt get cocky. thats 1 thing that will change my mind about a fighter and cant stand a cocky fighter but wish her well in her career