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Saturday, Oct 15, 2011

“King’s Corner” (Vlog): “King Mo” Calls “Rampage” Jackson’s Ability To KO, Slam “A Myth”

“King Mo” Lawal walks down memory lane and discusses his long history, including run-ins he’s had, with rival light heavyweight superstar Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and questions Jackson’s skills.

posted by FCF Staff @ 8:35 pm
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3 responses to ““King’s Corner” (Vlog): “King Mo” Calls “Rampage” Jackson’s Ability To KO, Slam “A Myth””

  1. Gs Up, Hos Down says:

    Mo is the real gangsta. Nigga lays it out plain and simple and wants to resolve it plain and simple. Not sure if you should stand with Bumpage though, lol. Rampage got a chin and a rock head. You gonna hurt your hands trying to knock him out. He’s no Roger Girlie-man Gracie.

  2. I would love to tell the full story behind our little oklahoma run in with ol’ Quinton. I think we should all have a sit down and really tell the whole story about how it all went down in oklahoma city at club Paralusia or however they spell that place…

  3. Ur Motha says:

    Mo is the truth. Not afraid to call anyone out. Even his bosses.