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Saturday, Jul 02, 2016

UFC 200: Frankie Edgar Argues Jose Aldo is “Wrestling Some Demons” as Rematch Nears

Frankie Edgar

By FCF Staff

Jose Aldo insists that he’s put his devastating loss to Conor McGregor behind him, but Frankie Edgar believes the former featherweight champ’s actions, say otherwise.

Edgar and Aldo are booked to fight at UFC 200 next Saturday, which will mark the second time they’ve done so. Back in 2013, when Aldo was the champion, he worked his way to a UD win over Edgar. Leading up to the rematch, Aldo has claimed that he beat Edgar, despite the fact he was battling an arm injury. He’s also promised that a more aggressive fighter will meet Edgar in the rematch, and that he’s gotten past his KO loss to McGregor.

Well, while speaking to UFC.com recently, Edgar had this to say about Aldo:

“We just don’t know what Aldo’s gonna show up,” Edgar said. “He’s wrestling some demons and acting a little uncharacteristic of how he usually acts in the media with some of the things he’s been saying. And I think that’s just him trying to talk himself into being a tough guy again. Because McGregor’s the worst guy to lose that way to. He’s just the best at gloating, especially with everything he put Aldo through to get to that point, and then to do it like that, I know it’s got to be tough for Aldo to deal with.

“Aldo can say anything he wants to say, but he’s not gonna know how he’s gonna react until we get in there. But for me, I have to go in there expecting that I’m gonna see a super motivated and the best Aldo I’ve seen. That’s the guy I’ve been preparing for. If the other guy shows up, it might be a quick night.”

Edgar, meanwhile, is riding a five fight winning streak as he gets set to face Aldo.

UFC 200 will be hosted by the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.


posted by FCF Staff @ 11:40 am
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